Dawne Pollard

Freelance Database Expert & Technical Writer

Location:North Miami Beach, Florida, United States
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Seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business/technical skill set. Proficient problem-solver who envisions business and technical perspectives to develop workable solutions. Motivated achiever who guides organizations in applying technology to business settings, provides added value, and creates project deliverables in a timely manner.

CDI/IBM CORP 10/99-Present
DB2 DBA /LDAP Server Support /Connectivity

•?Providing high quality services to our customers by providing DB2 Administration services. Performance tuning, backups, recovery, scripting, replication, installations and customizations of database software releases for DB2 ESE Version 8.2 and 9.5, 9.7, 10 for Linux, Unix, Windows, OS/390, AS/400.
Experience with the following packages:
•?Packages : DB2 ESE, DB2 Connect ESE, DB2 Personal Edition, DB2 Workgroup Server Edition, DB2 Developers Universal Edition, DB2 Warehouse Manager, DB2 Data Management Tools, DB2 UDB EEE , DB2 Query Patroller, DB2 Content Manager, DB2 Business Intelligence, Oracle/Sybase, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, CICS and Communication Manager package on multiple platforms including Solaris, OS/2, Windows NT/2000, Linux, and AIX.
DB2 Fixpacks & Apars, Administration Client, Run Time Client, DB2 Connect, DB2 Content Manager, Cognos Business Intelligence, IBM Developer Kit, Java Technology, Distributed Debugger for Java Stored Procedures, Audio, Image, and Video Extenders, WebSphere Studio Site Developer Advanced, WebSphere MQ, QMF for Windows, Data Management Tools.
Options Available:
Database Partitioning Feature, DB2 Net Search Extender, DB2 Spatial Extender
DB2 Data Links Manager, DB2 Warehouse Manager, DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring, Modeling, Visualization.

Manage multiple projects clients in production, staging and development environments.
•?Optimize & maintain database performance and backup schedules using TSM.
•?DB2 Performance tuning both system and database.
•?DB2 Loads, db2look, db2move, db2 health checks, management of indexes, views, tables, tablespaces, store procedures, runstats, reorgs, dasd, SAN etc.
•?Experience in installing and managing multiple instances running DB2. Knowledge of Programming in 4 GL.
•?Back up and restoring multi-terabyte warehouse systems.
•?Troubleshooting point-in-time recovery procedures.
•?HADR, HACMP implementation for disaster recovery and upgrade schedules on the following operating systems Linux, Unix, Windows and SAP environments.
•?Disaster recovery planning and execution, knowledge of clustering.
•?Writing & executing UNIX based automation scripts (Perl, ksh, bash etc).
•?Knowledge of UNIX based DB2 tools and utilities and Tivoli Storage Manager.
•?Certified AIX administrator with the ability to diagnose and resolve software issues.
•?Run CLI, DB2, JDBC traces on all DB2 Clients and Connects.
•?HACMP-Create fail over disaster recovery procedures.
•?Test and evaluate new software products in test regions and cut over to production environments.
•?Tools: DB2 Control Center, DB2 Health Center, Netfinity, PCAnywhere, Remote Desktop Connection, Carbon Copy, Telnet, Exceed, SSH, FTP to install & monitor tasks.
•?Apply fixpacks and special fixes on DB2 Client (CAE), DB2 UDB and DB2 Connect, Oracle and MS SQL. Perform software migration from one version to another. Create and update instances, catalogs, databases execute load, delete and backups.
•?Provide database recovery, table maintenance and user access services.
•?Problem determination and resolution to DB2 server and application related functions. Assist Project Manager with project plan that involve DB2 tasks.
•?Write Help Desk manuals, LAN Administration, DB2 installation documentation.
•?Provide recommendations for upgrade of server hardware and software.
•?Monitor/tune and upgrade servers, manage DASD space on the DB2 Client and Connect servers on the instance directory.
•?Establish DB2 database security follow ITCS104 guide line.
•?Perform problem determination using Maximo tool and provide technical support.

Zoë Ministries 08/94-10/99
IT Technical Support/Finance/Human Resources /Producer
•?Provide network administration on a Novell 4.11 & 3.11 network.
•?Windows NT desktop support including MS Office suite & CCMail.
•?Network support on Microsoft Office 97 & 98, QuickBooks, File Maker Pro.
•?Manage the Finance and HR duties which included payroll scheduling.
•?Coordinate diplomatic affairs for both business & social events and serve a liaison to diplomats and members of the clergy.
•?Produced weekly programs on VH1 & BET networks.
Bear Stearns 02/97-07/97
LAN Administrator
•?Provide technical support to end users using NT 3.51/4.0 & Novell 4.0.? Resetting & Synchronizing user accounts on the domain using User Manager 4.0 Domains and Novell Syscon Utilities.
•?Remote access using TCP/IP packages such as Timbuktu Pro 1.4 for networks. MS Office, Exchange mail with Outlook client, CCMail, Netscape.
•?Problem tracking using Support Magic & Remedy AR system.
World Merchandise Exchange 04/96-04/97
Sr. Systems Administrator/Technical Support
•?Sr. Administrator supporting the HP 9000 & NT 3.51 servers. Experience to include adding & resetting user accounts, created shell scripts for monitoring of servers. ?
•?Ran jobs for servers updates and insured the connectivity of communication links using TCP/IP in HP Openview. Maintained LAN & Wan connections that include hubs, switches & Cisco routers.
•?Supervised nightly operations department. Installed & set up servers, tuned systems, user maintenance, internet connectivity & problem tracking.
Securities Information Automation Corporation 11/94 -04/96
Applications Support Analyst
•?Applications support to the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) & New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) using UNIX Sun Solaris, Tandem Vax & Stratus System.
•?Duties included startup/shutdown procedures, disk partitioning, logical volume & disk space management, Adding users & firms to databases, monitoring job queues.
British Airways 10/89-11/94
LAN Administrator/Technical Support
•?Administrator to a multi-user computing facility using AIX UNIX RS 6000,
Wang 7310, 5000 & 2219 & IBM OS/2.
•?Issued, reset and cataloged new user accounts, supported file sharing.
•?Monitored and maintained daily backups and data security.
•?Provided support for internal and external contacts.
•?Support Microsoft Office products and all in house applications for the Finance & Marketing departments.

Alexander's Inc. 09/83-10-89
Help Desk Coordinator /Executive Assistant
•?Install and configured client/server and software using IBM 4680/5170 POS system.
•?Created project plan for establishment of a Help Desk and wrote technical support manuals.
•?Ran payroll for 5000 employees using Altar S130 system and conducted interviews of potential employees.
Royal University - Computer Science/ Accounting Business Administration - 09/82-06/84
IBM Skilled Dynamics - Certified AIX UNIX Systems Administrator - 06/89
Linux and MCSE – completed course work 6/07
Hardware:IBM P systems, PC'X & compatibles, HP 9000 & 6000 Unix servers, RS6000, 9000 AIX Unix, SP, Netfinity 5500, 7000, AS 400, Firewalls, NT Netservers S/133LC, Tandem VA & VM systems, Stratus Systems, 4680/5170 POS, Altar S/130, Gateway 2000 P5-133, Network & Token Ring Cards, Modem-GDC & Hayes, US Robotics (analog & digital),Tape backup units - SCSI, Tecmar Data Vault 4000, Wang 7310, 5000 & 2219, Laser Printer-HP 4's & 5's, IBM's,Wang's Epson, Bell & Howell scanners & Replexers, Routers-Cisco 2500.
Software:Windows 95/98/2000,XP, Windows NT 3.51, 4.0, OS/2 Warp 4.0, AIX Unix, HP Unix v9.0/10, Sun Solaris Unix, Linux, DB2 Universal Database v. 2.1 - 7.2, DB2 Intelligent Miner v6.1, Oracle 7, 8, CICS, MVS XA, VM Vax, Wang VS, HP Openview, Netview, NT Server & Workstation, Novell Netware 3.12/4.11, Netfinity, Lotus Notes 4.5, Lotus Notes Pro R.9, Office 97, 98, Word 6.0/7.0, Word Perfect
5.1/6.1, Excel 4.0/7.0, Access 4.0/7.0, Lotus 123, Power Point 6.0/7.0, File Maker Pro, Netscape Navigator 2.0/3.1 Lotus CC Mail 2.0/7.0, Exchange 5.1, Outlook 7.0,
Support Magic, Remedy, Harvard Graphics, QuickBooks Pro, FaxWorks, Pro Com, Timbuktu Pro 1.4, Visual Fox Pro v3.0, Html, CGI Perl.
Systems: Novell 3.12/4.1, Windows NT, Windows 2000/98/95, ME, XP, Windows 3.11, OS/2 Warp 4.0, AIX Unix, Linux, HP UNIX v9.0/10, Sun Solaris Unix environments.
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Technical Writing