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Sita Lyons

Freelance Mural Painter & Painter

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Sita Lyons was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she attended Manual Arts High School and West Los Angeles College. She attained a Liberal Arts degree from West Los Angeles where she studied drawing, painting, and the Art History.

Sita is a self taught artist. Sita’s mom recognized her artistic talent at the very young age of three. Bettye Lyons who also had a natural artistic talent would notice Sita as she started drawing portraits of family, friends, teachers and classmates. Sita would spend most of her lunch and recesses drawing, where other children would be more inclined to play traditional childhood games during these times.
Once in high school, Sita focused more on Basketball, Creative writing, and Music; which left little time to draw or paint.
After high school, Sita missed the artistic expression of drawing and painting; she felt there was a void in her life. This is when she began taking art classes in college and teaching fine art to elementary school children. While teaching an art enrichment class at New Roads Middle School, Sita was first commissioned to paint her first children’s mural. Sita’s youthful spirit always gained the admiration of youngsters, thus, the union of her love for art and children began. Sita then started creating art for children by painting children’s murals. Over the years, Sita has developed a knack for helping families bring to life their creative vision for their child’s room or nursery.

Sita later began her mural painting business, in 2004 specializing in children’s murals.

Sita also paints portraits and art works that are inspired by animals and nature. She specializes in the use of acrylics, water color and charcoal.
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