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Courtney Lyons, 27, from Western Massachusetts, US.

I like to write, act, dance, draw, listen to music and get involved with anything that is the least bit creative. I look at all of my hobbies as a form of art and take them all very serious. But there is one hobby that stands out to me most and that is writing.

I write almost every day. It is something that comes very natural to me. Well, to be truthful, most writing comes natural. I am able to create a story and characters very quickly. Poetry and song lyrics often flow off my tongue. Being an actress and dancer, I can easily analyze a character and set up a scene making creative writing my true talent.

Educational writing or business writing are more of a struggle. Being a graduate of college, holding a BA in English, I have improved my writing skills and defined myself as a writer. Everyone is a critic, therefore the feedback from professors and peers was helpful and confusing. Some professors thought that my writing was too "informal" and sounded too much like my speaking voice. Whereas other professors loved that I was raw and could hear my voice in papers.

I believe that the writer's voice should be in their writing. They are the ones telling the story after all.

Since I do have a voice in my writing, I choose to stick with writing creatively. I love to write dialogue and develop characters the most. Expressing all different feelings in more than one way is a real pleasure. I am currently working on a novel and a screen play. Both completely different subject matter but both very much me.

Going back to the college thing for a moment...I suppose a little detail in my experiences a writer and where I get my training would be helpful.

The writing classes I took were:
- Creative Writing
- Writing for Teacher Candidates
- Writing About the Arts
- Journalism
- Issues in Teaching Writing
- Business and Technical Writing

Also I took educational classes where I perfected my editing skills on top of what I learned in the writing classes. You can't be an English teacher and grade papers without decent proofreading and editing skills.

As far as professional work as a writer, I have none yet. The job I currently hold is a part-time job working for Kohl's Department Stores where I work the sales floor and deal with customer service.
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