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Geraldine Guillot

Freelance Book Illustrator & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Montréal, Quebec, Canada
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Géraldine Guillot
Story artist and illustrator

Montreal, Qc, Canada
Tel : (514)- 523 4392

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#Skills :
• Use of the graphics palette and the Cintiq, with Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS2 on P.C
• Great sense of the basic principles of drawing, composition, perspective, command of colors
• Interpersonal skills, enthusiastic
•Creative, self-starter, highly organized individual
•Language: fluent French, intermediate English

#Objectives :
Work as an artist 2D. Combine my sense of the creativity and my technical knowledge. Put my versatility and my expertise in the creation of the model pack and the storyboard. Progress within a dynamic and multidisciplinary team.

#Work experience :

Storyboard artist 2012

Oasis Animation (
« Pérusse Cité II »
•Translate the script into sketches following the director’s intention
•Create scenes taking notice of the character design
•Respect the deadlines to 3 minutes per week, including storyboard and clean up
•Write dialogue and technical aspects
• Correct the parts of the storyboard wished by the director

Character designer 2012
Blue Bug Entertainment Inc.(
« The Little Rats of the Opera »
• Define the minor characters, in the form of roughs and of colors
• Submit several sketches before specifying the design of the characters
• Look for and create the best textures for the skin, the clothes and the props of the
characters with Photoshop
• Shape every character in a pose 3/4 face colorized in one week deadline

Illustrator 2011
Dootoons International (
• Make storyboard of a cartoon concept of music courses for pre-schoolers« Doogits »
• Draw and colorize 30 illustrations to 16x16 cm size on Photoshop
• Design 2 à 3 illustrations per week

Teacher as storyboard and character design 2005-2010
Ecole Pivaut (
• Train students as artist in animation and storyboard
• Make life to the characters from body and face expressions
• Place the characters to the 3d area, from the perspective drawing

Storyboard artist (clean up) 2006
Alphanim (
« L’apprenti Père-Noel »
• Put in the template the characters, backgrounds and props in order to the model pack
• Report technical notices, like camera movement, while respecting the director’s intention.

Storyboard and lay out artist 1999-2004
Carrère T.V, Ellipsanime, A.B Broadcast, les Cartooneurs
« Argaï », « Sabrina », « Momie au Pair »
• Clean up the characters, the backgrounds and the props keeping the narrative intentions
• Specify the drawing perspective
• Lay out the character movements for each scene (26x26 mn)

Storyboard artist 1998-1999
PMMP, Alphanim
« Geleuil et Lebon », « Baskerville »
• Carry out the storyboard, sketch, clean up and specify the scene timing
• Watch out the respect of model pack, the re uses, the dialogue and the character expressions

# Other experience:

Character Designer clean up (training course) 1998
Studio Ellipse (
« Fracasse » et « Pirate Family »
• Complete the model sheet around twenty minus characters
• Give details of the character models in the form of turn around
• Clean up the storyboard in order to the narrative intentions of the director

# Education :

Animation certificate 1998
École des Métiers de l’Image CFT Gobelins
Animation, storyboard and lay out

Baccalaureate degree in visual art 1997
Université de Haute-Bretagne-Rennes II
Topic: the adaptation of the characters of Fairy tales in animation