Patty de Frutos

Freelance Videographer & Music Producer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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My Passion is my Profession and the other way around

As a self employee I am used to work hard and under high pressure, which motivates me to be even more analytical, creative and efficient at the same time. Seeing myself as a multidisciplinary freelancer I avoid to specialize in a given discipline, a certain format or a specific role rather than covering all requirements and categories of “Production” with my knowledge and experience.

Many projects I have been supervising abroad in countries all over the world, which also increased my ability of cross-cultural communication, adaptation and social skills.
With 100% loyalty towards my team and the projects I commit to, I am serious about reaching the targets that are given. I have dealt with many different professional groups and circumstances. I focus on a comprehensive perspective on the customer’s and each department’s needs, always open minded and with a smile on my face.

As one of my core-competencies I would consider audio-visual conception and the existing demand of my “one man” services and special style from the project idea until its completion.
In my studio “Casasueños” in Madrid, Spain, I have produced
-more than thousand videos
-around hundred songs (including composing and arrangement)
-fifty stage performances
All of those including marketing press, social media and financial work.“
Casasueños” also contains “la Vida Rima”, the non-profit cultural/social association organized by my team and lead by myself. I have always been very active in all what concerns improving cultural issues for society. I carry on with new sponsors and financial plans in order to open the doors of Art.

My passion reflects in the results I bring and in the positive feedback that I get from my clients, audience and other partners. My YouTube channel is a proof of this writing.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.
Wish you success in your upcoming projects, in your life.
Sincerely yours,
Patty de Frutos
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Music Production