Allan Ramirez

Freelance Graphic Designer & Salesperson

Location:Silsbee, Texas, United States
2 Skills
To secure a position that allows me to capitalize on my strengths, allows professional growth, and allows the opportunity to advance.


Pontchartrain Contracting Services/Painter 010/2005-08/2012

• Prepare structures (Hang drywall, apply Hot mud, Sand, prime and caulk if necessary)
• Apply first coat and allow time to dry
• Listen to customer’s concerns and or suggestions while project is on hand
• Clean up job site
• Apply final coat depending on color intensity and/or shade.
• Touch up any faults on project.

GameStop/ Senior Game Advisor 08/2008-12/2008

• Operate Computers to locate customer data and process and/or update information
• Process over the counter sales and operate computer-based cash register
• Organize Sales Display in alphabetical order
• Calculate and report profit and loss in Report Sheets to management at closing of store

Rent-A-Center/Customer Service Representative 12/2008 - 03/2009

• Operate Computers to locate customer data and process and/or update information
• Use cash register
• Process over-the-phone credit card payments and orders
• Display/explain products and bundles along with their respective plan of payment to customers
• Drive Company Vehicle for Pick-up and Delivery to customers and nearby stores

Brookshire Brothers/Grocery Stocker 03/2009 - 02/2010

• Unload grocery trucks and bring the good out to the sales floor
• Assist cashiers to bag customer’s purchases and carry them to their respective vehicles
• Clean up store
• Translate English-Spanish to customers at the Western Union stand
• Re-stock empty shelves as needed
• Rotate products
• Advise customers of discounts and offers

Autozone/Customer Service Representative 5/2012 - 08/2012

• Operate Computers to locate the right automotive parts for the customer
• Use cash register
• Clean up store and back dock
• Process over-the-phone credit card payments and orders

Kinsel Ford Automotive / Warehouse Associate 11/2012 – 04/2013

• Unload products and parts form delivery trucks
• Inquire Computer-Based Database on orders and part locations in inventory
• Locate and/or place new inventory into shelves and create a “home” location if necessary
• Drive company vehicle to deliver parts to nearby dealerships


Sabine Valley Technical College 2008
I received my GED Diploma after passing the course.


I possess the ability of fluently communicating in both English and Spanish languages. Charismatic and Energetic, experienced in computers and software. Work well in fast pace environments and under pressure. Efficient in team or solo tasks, a fast learner and passionate with service quality.
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Graphic Design