Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Wedding videos
Sports Highlight videos
Music videos
Instructional videos

Currently breaking into the freelance field and willing to create videos for well below other freelancers to build a list of references.

Video Editing has been a hobby of mine since graduate school (7 yrs) and I've trained myself to pay close attention to the details involved in editing.

Mood in video has always been a strong part of why I started editing in the first place. Bringing out an emotional response in the viewer should be the goal of every editor, and cutting together the right clips to invoke the desired response has always been the forefront to my editing.

I started out editing by delving into creating music videos and in turn learned to sync particular video clips with the beats of music. Cutting to the beat really gives your video a sense of connection to the music and emotion and accentuates what is going on in the clip.

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to delve into many special effects as I have really only worked with Windows Movie Maker and Imovie over the years, so any jobs that would require something with advanced effects or CGI, I would not be qualified for.

With regards to Presentation Design, I am proficient in both Powerpoint and Prezi presenting and have taught presentation techniques in my high school classroom for the past 5 years. They are both wonderful tools if used correctly, and I can offer advice for your presentation and help design/edit your presentation.
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Video Editing
Audio Editing