Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Location:El Paso, Texas, United States
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Mexican women brought up in the rich and divers border city’s of El Paso Texas and Ciudad Jurez Chih., Mexico. BS, in Graphic Design and have been exposed to illustration and painting in the job market and local and personal level as well.

The up- bringing of a traditional Mexican family and the advancement and growth opportunity in both cities, have given me a unique and enriched Ethical, Moral, Spiritual and Social formation as a human being. Most importantly a women living in cultures, countries, ethnicities, diversity, opportunities, traditions, exposures, histories and the best parenting a person could ask for. It all has made me in to a unique and complete individual. Growing up in the late 70’s it has been a wealth of knowledge and experiences specially in the city I used to call home, Juarez.

To obtain a position in a company were my experience, education and abilities can be
used in the proper surroundings that represent challenges and continuous growth.
Bilingual English / Spanish 100%
Excellent communication with venders and customers
Ability to negotiate with wholesalers
Skilled in Microsoft / Adobe / Photography /Illustrator/Painter/ Writer / Video / Avaya / Grasp

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Bachelors in Graphic Design 2002


2009 – 2010 Source1 Construction

Position: Volunteer / Translator
I used my time to help them work their way in to the city and create a welcoming report with costumers, interacting as there direct link with clients that only spoke Spanish.

2007-2009 Impresos Digitales

Position: Manager / Graphic Designer
It was my job to create all the images and to establish the contacts for the new acquisitions for sales and to keep in touch with the customers and attend the space at the mall were we are located.

2/2005 -1/2007 ACS
Position: Area Supervisor
My responsibilities were to supervise 35 customer service agents and to
ensure they used the technics and quality in the assistance in each call
One of my responsibilities was to generate the reports and progress
of the department.
1/2005 -8/2006 ACS
Position: Customer Care Agent
I attended clients to solve their technical problems in the site store such as
gas pumps, credit card machines, ISPs and registers.
11/2002 -12/2004 ZETA GAS
Position: Graphic Designer / PR and Event Planer
Creating the image creation and planning and supervision of special events.
4/1995 -10/2004 Family Business
Position: Administrator
During this time the experience obtained was managing and
supervised sales personnel, wholesale buying, training, inventory
control and sales reports.

(PRH) Leadership and Growth
(NIKON) Photography
(ACS) Ethics Couse
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Graphic Design