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Lauren Wright

Freelance Graphic Designer & Animal Illustrator

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
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I am a self taught artist based out of Colorado. I have always been passionate about art, but as of recently I have been working to develop stronger skills in illustration, lettering, and diversifying my range of style. I believe being self taught allows me more flexibility in vision, but as with most artists I am always working hard to improve.

I have previously done small projects in designing wine labels, private character design, illustration for school work sheets, private logos, tattoo concept art, designs for t-shirts, motivational cards, comic book page layouts, lettering/ calligraphy, and I have some experience in illustrating diagrams supplemented by a bachelors degree in science.

I work in exclusively physical mediums at the moment. I mostly rely on pencil and ink, and watercolor. I am very much open to other physical mediums if you have a specific need for a different one to accommodate your project. I am extremely flexible in modifying freelance projects to the buyers' needs, and I am open to the possibility of samples and revisions. Please contact me with any inquiries, I would be happy to answer any questions, or pull up samples that may pertain to your specific needs.