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I am a creative writer in every sense. Inspired by anything that has the ability to trigger off my emotions. I feel and think differently to the majority finding inspiration from everyday situations.

I appreciate triumph and honour but respect passion and true creativity. I enjoy words in any form e.g. songs, poems, monologues or speeches. As long as they exercise emotion by pin pointing the areas that evokes human feelings.

I like intelligence that has been cleverly designed to look straight-forward. This can be found in witty comedy e.g. Russell brand’s. I also find this amongst newspaper headlines and within good movies.

In my spare time I do photography and have studied film. Being an ex-film student I find myself watching a lot of films and TV shows. Studying both of these subjects has helped me to see the imagination that goes into them.

Photography in terms of posters and artworks e.g. album covers is very imaginative and sometimes complicated. Having attempted these artworks I understand the imagination involved.

With TV shows I am inspired by the imagination in my favourite show Buffy the vampire slayer and shows like it such as Angel, Heroes and Doll House. these shows stand out to me because of the creative dialogue and their ability to go beyond the normal conventions into something that involves an impressive amount of imagination.
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