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Andrea Lovely

Freelance Songwriter & Logo Designer

Location:Fort Worth, Texas, United States
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In regards to songwriting:

My name is Andrea Lovely, and I am a young songwriter. I am looking for songwriting jobs, as it is what I love to do. I am willing to work for no pay under certain circumstances, and when being paid to write I expect no royalties, only a reasonable single payment. When writing in bulk I can offer discounts. If disappointed with a song, I'll obviously supply another, free of charge. If needed, I can show you songs I've written for people in the past and give you the contact information of people I've worked for in the past.

In regards to art (logo design, business card design, tee shirt design):

My name is Andrea Lovely and I am a young, talented artist. I can provide you with great designs for not only logos, but business cards and tee shirts, too. I can make designs based off of a budget, or just go all out in design. I do not wish for the highest of pay, and if unsatisfied with your product I'll redo it until you love what I've done for you. If you happen to hate the design, me, or anything like that I'll refund half of your original pay. I do not provide the business cards/tee shirts obviously, only designs. I am very skilled at what I do in this field and can practically guarantee your satisfaction.

In regards to fashion photography/editing:

My name is Andrea Lovely and my photography skills are acute, especially in the fashion field. If you are interested in any way i suggest you request to see my portfolio. I am willing to take the job if you do not live near me but must be supplied with the clothing to photograph, I will not buy them. If styling items are not provided I will style them myself, same with make-up if not given a reference. I have 5 models, who request payment (small fee). I do not do plus-size fashion photography. I will send the photos to you digitally in their original state. Editing costs extra.

Please Note: All prices can be negotiated if need be.
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Logo Design