Brandt Wong

Freelance Animator & 3D Animator

Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
2 Skills
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To gain valuable experience working at a studio for a summer in preparation for a career in animation as an animator, character designer, story artist or analyst.

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Will graduate in May 2013
GPA: 3.68/4.00
College of Arts and Sciences: Math Major/Fine Arts Minor

Relevant Experience:
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Sp 2013 Currently working on student animation production.
Serving as storyboard artist, character designer, concept artist, and animator.

Fall 2012 Animation Production (UPenn FNAR 359)
Served as lead character designer and animator, assisted with concept art and storyboarding.
Critiqued other animator’s shots and gave final approval on shots

Sp 2012 Facial Animation (UPenn FNAR 353)
Learned to model and rig face with Chris Landreth
Completed lip sync and pantomime exercises with provided class facial rigs

MAYA (animation, not modeling or rigging) | TVPaint | Digicel Flipbook
Photoshop | Illustrator
Math Background
Knowledge of Linear Algebra | Calculus | Differential Equations | Probability | Statistics

Job Experience:
University of Washington Twin Registry Seattle, WA
Summer 2012 Research Study Assistant
Prepared mass mailings for recruitment sector of UW Twin Registry. Verified survey data with teleform.

Virginia Mason Medical Center Seattle, WA
Summer 2011 Administrative Intern
Assisted during inaugural Clinic Apparel Program to supply uniforms for all clinical staff at the main hospital and all VM satellites. Made phone calls for all customer relations, filled out forms, served as “personal shopper,” and checked in all workers at the front desk

City of Seattle Fleets and Facilities Department Seattle, WA
Summer 2010 Maintenance Crew
Performed daily outdoor and indoor maintenance for Seattle City Hall and Justice Center buildings, including sweeping, vacuuming, trash disposal, and restroom maintenance

Relevant Coursework:
Fine Arts
Drawing I | Digital Design Foundations | Figure Drawing I | Hand Drawn Animation |
Computer Animation | Advanced Projects in Animation | Animation Production
Calculus II, III, IV | Linear Algebra | Abstract Algebra I, II| Advanced Calculus I, II | Discrete Math I, II | Probability and Statistics | Number Theory
Skills (2) Rating
3D Animation