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Freelance Digital Artist & Animator

Location:Naperville, Illinois, United States
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I am an aspiring illustrator with a heavy emphasis on animation and graphic novels. I have a lot of experience illustrating, animating, film, and bringing ideas to life through my work on my own self-created cartoon series and several graphic novels I've also created.

While I may lack a formal degree, I maintain professionalism and have worked alongside and received coaching from professional artists in the past. This makes my work much higher quality than other budding illustrators at well below the cost of a 'professional' artist.

- I have a solid knowledge of the Adobe Suite; Photoshop is my strongest area.

- Knowledge in photography and film techniques gives me an edge in animation, storyboarding, and illustration.

- My YouTube channel (where I upload my animations) has over 5,000 subscribers and over 3 million total video views. My audience consists mostly of teenage girls (and to a lesser extent teenage guys), but I can work to suit other audiences as well.

- I have won several awards and contests for art: American Visions Nominee + Gold Key in Scholastic Art Competition, Zynga object design contest, Portfolio competitions, blue ribbons in Sandwich County Fair, etc. Group-efforts I've joined have won 1st place window and sculpture design competitions.

- I've produced logos for our Scholastic Bowl team, T-Shirt designs, and orchestra.

- I have 14 years experience playing the violin. I'm a strong sightreader, and can arrange music for any mixture of instruments.

- I can work in traditional mediums as well; watercolor, ink, acrylic, and pencil are my best.

- I can create my own ideas or work off of someone else's.

- I have experience leading groups and working in them, both roles are acceptable.

- My drawing style is morphable; I can work to match any style you may need for a project whether it be realistic, stylized, or fantasy based.

As you can see, I am strong in several diverse areas and can work across all of them with ease. Please contact me if interested! I look forward to your next project!

~ Christy
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