Ariana Landry

Freelance Biography Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Pekin, Illinois, United States
Phone: 3093496669
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(I need to start somewhere, can't pay for membership without getting jobs. I REALLY want to upgrade, it looks awesome!)

For every job I'm offered, to insure that we are/will be a good fit; I will make a sample of what it is you want for free; if it meets your guidelines/must haves fantastic. If it turns out it does not, no harm no fowl. I would prefer that you are sure and confident in your choosing, than choose me and I not be the person you need/want for the job ahead.

What I would really like to do here is help others where I can while filling in my time with something sane, useful, and mentally stimulating. Of course, the financial gain would be cool too.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the beginning of 2012, it has negatively affected all of my systems. Some days I can walk, others I cannot; they happen at random. I found myself unemployed this year due to the disability itself; so unemployment doesn't wish to help me, and no one wants to hire someone who is unemployed due to a disability. I don't know who I am without my work, and my writing has saved me more often than I care to admit. I am a published poet, and that once to me was only a dream. I wish to help someone find their dream and make it reality within my ability to do so. If I cannot do the work for you in the way you wish, please do not hesitate to say so.

I see many people take on what I call a "Candy Factory Attitude" in which everything needs to be sugar coated when offering any kind of criticism, even constructive. Me personally, I just want the facts: of what I did wrong, what needs improvement, and what was done right; notes on what to tweak and leave alone are more than welcome. This is for You after all. If you're hiring me for the job, I want to be sure it's done -Right- and to -Your Specifications-. I want when jobs are completed that the person who receives my work to have a complete and full fledged Zen experience. I aim high, what can I say?

I miss my work, my work friends, and the normal but sometimes dreary day we've all had at every place of work. Work is to me is what fun is to others. I have no issue with giving 110%, which I did for my prior employer for two full years with no complaints. They welcome me back, but I can't return until I can get this disease some where in the realm of control. I just want my life back.

Resume as follows, please feel free to text or email for references as needed. It's their personal information and I must have it requested in order to respect their privacy and I thank you in advance for your understanding. References will only be name and phone number as requested per my references. Thank you for taking the time to read what I can only describe as a long, cumbersome introduction. I do apologize for the time it took, but never for the written word.

Ariana Landry

Career Overview

I have over ten years in customer service experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills; and the ability to multitask and thrive in a fast paced environment. I am skilled in problem solving and have handled any number of situations, both good and bad, where both parties have walked away with a smile and positive feedback. I am a firm believer that any issue can be handled more effectively when one remains calm and thinks through the issue to solve the problem. I am a people person and feel most satisfied in my employment when serving guests/customers on a daily basis.

Core Strengths
Strong organizational skills
Active listening skills
Seasoned in conflict resolution
Customer service expert
Energetic work attitude
Markdown/promotional procedures
Inventory control familiarity

Customer Service
Customer Service
Researched, calmed and rapidly resolved client conflicts to prevent loss of key accounts.
Greeted customers upon entrance and handled all point cash out transactions.
Assisted customers over the phone regarding store operations, products, monthly promotions, and orders.

Cashiered with two-four cash registers in tandem to maximize customer flow and cut line wait time on high volume business days.

Database Maintenance
Assisted in the managing of the company database and verified, edited and modified members’ information. Verified guest's deceased accounts and allocated points accordingly, also maintained accurate count of electronic/manual/scratch card entries for each account.

Work Experience
December 2010-January 2013
Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino
Slot Club Attendant/Gift Shop Cashier
Trained new employees as necessary; as well as stocking office files with hard copies for: Training packets, order forms (buying), price tags, catalog orders, and catalog organization. Cross-trained and provided back-up for other customer service representatives when needed at both Club Counter and Gift shop. Worked as a team member performing cashier duties, product assistance, and cleaning. Expressed appreciation and always invited customers to return to the store.
Knew many guests on first name basis as was required for position. Promptly resolved and responded to general inquiries from team members, staff, and guests via mail, e-mail and fax. Processed merchandise returns and exchanges while assisting customers with store and product complaints; guaranteed positive customer experiences and resolved all customer complaints on my shifts. Responsible for ringing up customers in a timely manner and exceeding the level of customer service expected.
Assisted customers in finding out-of-stock items or recommended replacement as well as assist in selection of merchandise based on customer needs and desires. Regularly sought opportunities to up sell and add on additional merchandise related to existing sale at time of service. Communicated all merchandise needs or issues to appropriate supervisors while assisting in the ordering of desired merchandise according to guest feedback. Organized the store by returning all merchandise to its proper place when covering breaks and shifts as well as replenishing shelves with items from the stockroom.

Pekin Community High School 1997-1999
General Education Diploma
Achieved October 2003

Axia/University of Phoenix
Attended 2007-2010
42 credit hours attained
Skills (2) Rating
Biography Writing
Poem Writing