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I am a cellist/teacher, it seems that everything I do in life revolves around the cello. After having taken the traditional route of training to be a cellist and playing professionally in an orchestra for quite a few years, I found myself becoming interested in expanding my knowledge and teaching others.I am founder and director of a non-profit summer camp for cellists called Cello An American Experience, I planned the camp by myself and with the help of a few good interns we are attracting international attention, this will be our third summer. I found myself becoming a grant writer, a marketing expert, a writer and computer literate.

I then went on to start an online string instrument brokerage company called "celloconnection.com". I act as matchmaker between instruments and players. Having played professionally for so many years I know how to describe sound and response, and I work closely with people to understand what kind of instrument they are looking for. We post instruments for sale on our website as well.

I need to make a few extra dollars here and there as I have 2 kids in college. Would love to advise people on what to look for when buying an instrument. I can write descriptively and would love to write for a wine magazine. When describing sound we use similar terminology and phrases as wine lovers do. An example would be, (don't laugh) "this cello has a wide full bodied tone with floral tendencies in the upper register."
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