Ambur Bailey

Freelance Technical Support Freelancer & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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Primary Duties:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Portland, OR United States 09/2009 - Present
Salary: 23.00/HR
Hours per week: 40
Telehealth Clinical Technician
Supervisor: Paulette Channon
Okay to contact this supervisor: Yes

• Performing tele-retinal screening, tele-dermatology, tele-wound care imaging and other Telehealth programming
• Providing patient and clinical staff education
• Completing training programs for imagers
• Providing administrative support for program
• Installing, maintaining, inventorying and training staff on all video-conferencing technologies
• Preparing equipment in patient exam rooms, coordinating and consolidating the Telehealth schedule to assist in multiple appointments of patients using VA Telehealth equipment/technologies
• screening patients and determining the cognitive, physical, emotional and chronological development
• Facilitating the interaction between staff/patient as the tele-presenter, gathering and compiling statistics for necessary reports.
• Transcribing and documenting in patient charts and data bases
• Building, programming and installing Video Conference Equipment

Department of Veterans Affairs
Portland, OR United States 09/2009- 06/2011

Hours per week: 40
Pay Plan: GS5/6
Medical Technician
Supervisor: Teresa Ellison
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Process and maintain all surgical and dental equipment.
• Manage all sterile processes for dental department
• Write SOP's for applicable dental equipment and train personnel
• Packaging/storing surgical instruments
• Cleaning and preparation of surgical instruments
• Preparing case carts for surgery, sterilization and decontamination
• I implemented the new system of operation for the dental department and supervised the processing of dental equipment.

Dr. Michael Kim DDS
Silverton, OR United States 06/2007 - 07/2009
Salary: 14.00hr
Hours 40
Sterilization Tech

Supervisor: Deanna Tietz (5038733530)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Responsible for the setup and decontamination of all dental and surgical instruments and equipment
• Cleaned and maintained operatory and machinery chair side
• Was on the safety committee and managed all OSHA checklist and insured policies were upheld.

Pioneer Pacific Springfield, OR United States
Associate's Degree 11/2005
GPA: 3.2 of a maximum 3.5
Credits Earned: 160
Major: Medical Assisting
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Nationally certified Medical Assistant with certificates in Phlebotomy, blood borne pathogens, minor surgery set up and extensive training in sterilization and decontamination. 72 CE credits to uphold licensure and to assure updated knowledge in medical processing and infection control techniques.

Job Related Training:
1 week dental conference on endo surgery 2009
4 weeks SPD training 2010
Nationally Certified mentor
Certified Phlebotomist
Nationally Certified Mentor
Nationally Certified Master Preceptor
200 Hrs. of Video Conference Training
National CIMS Server Administrator
Training in medical coding and transcription

Language Skills:
Language Spoken Written Read
English Advanced Advanced Advanced

Volunteers In Medicine - Rooming Nurse
Department of Veterans Affairs
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Technical Support
Data Entry