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Location:San Jose, California, United States
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A challenging position in the field of Computer Science to continue to strengthen my skills in design and development using java and database technologies.

M.S. in Computer Science, California State University, East Bay
G.P.A. : 3.74/4.0

B.Tech. in Electronics & Communications, JNTU, India
G.P.A. : 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale)

Database Technologies : Oracle SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JDBC
Application Platform : Microgen Aptitude 3.0
Development Environment : SQL Developer, SQL Plus,Eclipse 1.3, NetBeans 5.0, JDK 1.6
Operating Systems : Windows XP, Linux, Solaris
Programming Languages : Java, C++, XXL, XSL
Java/Web Technologies : Java 1.6, JDBC,RMI, JavaScript,
HTML, Weblogic 9.2.2, Tomcat 4.0

Apple Inc., Software Engineer (Nov 2011 – August 2012)
Database Technologies : Oracle 11g
Development Environment : SQL Developer, Microgen Aptitude 3.0
Application Platform : Microgen Aptitude 3.0 Build 21, Windows XP, Linux

Worked on Arsenal Wave 4.0, one of the iTunes backend projects that deals with music, video sales and invoices.
Involved in development of features for extracting data from the database and displaying results on the UI.
Created Summary and Detail grids, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Muti-select
Functionality, collapsible grids, etc using Aptitude forms.
Invoice file upload and download functionality using Aptitude Forms as the front-end
and Aptitude application environment with Oracle database as the back-end.
Creating and Sending email alerts functionality, Enhancements on the UI.
Transformation of data, bug fixes, etc. through a ETL tool, Microgen Aptitude 3.0.
Extracting data from different databases using DBlink and Loading data into existing Database.
Writing queries, procedures, functions, triggers etc. using SQL Developer.

Aprese Systems Inc., Software Engineer (Feb 2011 – Oct 2011)
Database Technologies : MySQL
Programming Languages : Java/JDBC
Tools : dom4j/jaxen library for XML Parsing and generation
Platform : Linux
Publishing Context Aware App Delivery for Mobile Platforms :
The project involves publishing control information for, delivery of mobile apps based on contextual information. Contexts such as SSID, location, and the like are mapped to apps in MySQL database.
The project involves generating and publishing XML files using data from database, to allow clients to fetch apps based on their context.

Involved in Design of MySQL database
Involved in Design/Coding to generate XML files using data from database - using Java/JDBC
Used Java Exceptions, Java Inner classes, Java File I/O,
MySQL connector JDBC driver,
invoking system class for linux commands such as
establishing soft links, creation/removal of directories in Java,
phonenumber normalization library in Java,
invoking NSUPDATE command to modify DNS entries in Java.
Version Management of XML Files
Unit and System Integration with other portions of publisher

Sendmail Inc., Software Engineer ( October 2007 – April 2008 )
Programming Languages : XXL, XSL, JavaScript
Database Technologies : SQL, JDBC
Platform : Linux
Mailstream Manager (MM) and Fingerprinting :
MM, a policy-based email filtering application, controls the incoming email messages by filtering them according to user configured policies. Worked on the Fingerprinting Security feature in MM 3.1 for Sentrion MP.
Work involved feature enhancements, bug fixes and migration of MM stats from HSQL to PostgreSQL and managed using a JDBC front-end.

Distributed Objects with Java RMI
Programming Language : Java 1.4, Java RMI
Platform : Windows XP, Solaris
Implemented a TupleSpace data base using Java RMI. The TupleSpace database allows for operations such as insert, delete and search. Searching includes wildcards; and the TupleSpace server supports multiple clients performing operations at the same time.

Shopping Cart Application
Programming Languages : Java 1.4, JSP, Servlets, JDBC and MySQL
Platform : Windows XP
Implemented a shopping cart application using JSP and Servlets. Features include login/logout, search of items, adding/removal from cart and update of quantities among others.

Waterfall model of Software Engineering
Programming Languages : Java Script and HTML
Platform : Windows XP
Waterfall Model for Software development was studied and this was demonstrated by developing a prototype software for an online Shopping Cart application. Responsibilities included writing requirement analysis, proper design and test cases for the application.

Linux Device Driver
Programming Language : C
Platform : Linux, Kernel version 2.6.15
Implemented a device driver in linux for a storage device. Filesystems such as ext3 have been used to verify the driver’s functionality. Used make for automating the compilation of source code.

Distributed Systems/Parallel Processing:
Programming Language : C++
Platform : Solaris, MPI libraries
Implemented image convolution for a parallel processing system. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is used to provide parallel processing infrastructure. The project has been tested with up to 10 worker processes (across four solaris machines).

Producer/Consumer Problem:
Programming Language : C++
Platform : Solaris
Implemented bounded-buffer solution between producer and consumer threads using semaphores. The producer thread continuously writes from a file into the buffer, while the consumer reads from the buffer into another file.
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