Mike Gangi

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Book Producer

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Phone: 727-482-4383
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The Gangi Sound is an Orlando, FL based professional audio editing service and audio and media consulting firm. We concentrate work exclusively with established content creators with a consistent and volume-based need for audio editing services. Our customers are small to medium sized professional audio content creators or organizations that have an established track record of producing podcasts, audio books, or other audio content distributed online or in hard copy format that do not employ in-house editors or audio engineers. The Gangi Sound operates via online networking platforms and is based in the downtown Orlando area. We have a team of engineers guaranteed to get your product complete and ready for release in a matter of days. The owner is Michael Gangi. Mr. Gangi has a unique background in the field of audio engineering that combines a military and institutional education, adept business skills, technical expertise, and a creative mentality. Most audio engineers come solely from creative backgrounds as musicians or work as freelancers. While this is useful for limited audio editing projects, it lacks the advantages that Gangi brings to this venture. This competitive edge allows Mr. Gangi to bring both an deadline-based focus as well as a practical, quantitative mindset that adds value to the service offerings by creating solutions that have both creative elements combined with speedy audio production at professional quality. The Gangi Sound offers companies an exceptional subscription-based billing option that provides guaranteed professional audio editing services on a month-to-month package-based system. This is useful since the clients are more business oriented than the typical individual seeking audio services. These particular types of clients place value in the ability to create additional content. Providing these services frees up time for our clients who may be performing these types of services on their own. This additional time will allow companies to focus on content creation rather than content editing and preparation. The Gangi Sound is currently offering exclusive offers for new clients. Contact us today to learn more...