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Em Gee

Freelance Artist & Portrait Painter

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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I have been painting and drawing in multi medias on and off for over 40 years, which sounds scary hey. Life flashes by and we try to release all the passion that builds up inside and there never seems to be enough time. My main passion is oil paints which I used as my main for over 20 yrs. but now move between oils and acrylic and also have started to paint with watercolor. I also love pastels pencil and charcoal and am a portrait artist by nature as I was born with an eye to paint. Brushes and palette knives are my tools and I also studied airbrushing but couldn't walk away from the brushes. I have been an avid photographer for years and am very fluent in photoshop and photo restoration and manipulation.

When I first discovered the power of computers over 14yrs ago, I studied, bought and learnt everything I couold get my hands on to do with graphics. Photoshop,Quark, Illustrator, Bryce, Poser. Painter Micrographics etc....and illustrated a book with caricature cartoons that was published!!......I had a geek son at home, and I wanted to know and understand how these things functioned as curiousity is my second name!!..... And then one day I just stopped and went back to my brushes and photography. I love to create memories and beauty for people that touch their hearts in a very special way and love also photo artistry. If you need help in creation , then please feel free to ask me......Have a really fantastic day/
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Portrait Painting