Hanane Taylor

Freelance Retailing Freelancer & Salesperson

Location:Everett, Massachusetts, United States
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HANANE TAYLOR 794 Broadway street Chelsea, MA 02150 ? taylor.hana@yahoo.com 774-417-2713

GENERAL SALES MANAGEMENT Operations Management / Merchandising / Budget Oversight Relationship Management / Customer Service /Sales/ Team Building / Hire, Train & Mentor/Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish
Highly motivated multi-lingual professional with over 9 years experience in retail management and reputation for driving significant revenue gains in competitive marketplace. Proactive leader with expertise in team building, cost reduction, inventory control, and motivating teams to consistently exceed expectations. Proven ability to recognize gaps in competition and stock merchandise specific to needs of customer-base. Cultivates positive relationships with culturally diverse groups and individuals with emphasis on teamwork.

Strong emphasis on customer service, reducing waste, and cutting costs through strict inventory control, citing settling invoice discrepancies, and renegotiating contracts with multiple vendors. A quick study, noted for ability to assimilate and disseminate new information. Leadership qualities enhanced by efficiency, productivity, and dedicated work ethic. Fluent in English, Arabic, French, with working knowledge of Spanish. Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite / QuickBooks- Point of Sale

? Financial Management
? Project Management
? Staffing / Scheduling
? Quality Assurance ? Cost Savings Initiatives
? Vendor Relations
? Health / Safety Compliance
? Staff Retention ? Employee Evaluations
? Conflict Resolution
? Analytic Problem Solver
? Positive Outlook

Multilingual: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish Education Master in Political Science/International Relations, Suffolk University Boston MA, due 2012 BA Linguistics, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abedallah, Fez, Morocco

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BDS Discount Store, Quincy, MA 2006-present
BDS is a national retail outlet that sells furniture and home accessories at affordable prices.
Manager / Buyer/Sales Oversee all daily store operations; manage customer service and human resources, direct merchandising initiatives, and hire, train, supervise, and schedule 15-member staff.
Manage all financials including P & L, work closely with accountants, and ensure all accounts payable and accounts receivable are accurately processed. Work with multiple vendors on buying furniture and discount merchandise; negotiate and renegotiate favorable contracts. Make sales and train sales teams
Apply strict standards on inventory control, price merchandise, and streamline warehouse for easy access. Collaborate on visual merchandising including store windows, headers, and floor layout. Obtain contracts with Welfare and Relocation Department(s) for furniture vouchers. Selected Achievements: Managed various locations including Attleboro, MA, Providence, RI, and Quincy, MA; communicate with each location to share information and ensure mutual success of operations. Significantly increased revenue at Quincy location; retrained staff, bought new line of furnishings and accessories, and built up client-base. Results: monthly revenues went from 30K to over $100,000, 2007-2008. Train and mentor staff on QuickBooks. Researched new sources for discounted merchandise and negotiated vendor contracts, saved company money while increasing revenues, year over year. Cited and settled discrepancies in vendor invoices, saved company upward of $12K, 2006.

Volunteer Sacred Music Festival, Fez, Morrocco Services Served as tourist guide for sacred music festival guests, organized dinners & entertainment.
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