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Alex Scherkenbach

Freelance Comic Writer & Script Writer

Location:Pearl City, Hawaii, United States
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The pictures I've added, I didn't draw!

Alex, born and raised in San Diego, joined the Army at 19 and have been doing it for 18 years. I've written a script for comic series, been edited and I'm just awaiting an artist. I've commissioned four separate artists. I've let one go because his style just didn't fit. Three because of unprofessionalism. I do pay, and the series will be pitched to several of the minor comic book companies.

I need a dedicated artist that will see the limited series to the end. Each issue is 22 pages, plus cover. I only require pencils and inks, I have a colorist and letterer.

min: $75 a page for pencils and inks. Willing to go up, depending on talent, and previous professional work. I will pay up to $1000.00 a month (sorry I'm on a budget too).

One series is 6 issues, 22 pages, plus 7 covers, with the final issue being 32 pages.

The pages of art I've added are from previous artist, that couldn't meet the deadline. I'm serious about making this happen.
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