Muthanna Mughawish

Freelance Interior Designer & Architect

Location:Harker Heights, Texas, United States
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Muthanna Mughawish
5703 Turquoise Dr.
Killeen, Texas 76542
(254) 245-6849
Employment in a position which will best utilize my unique experience and skills in Interior Design,
Furniture Design, Oriental Design, Arabesque Design, Mosaic Work, Antique Reproduction, Artwork,
Character Creation, Project Management
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design October 1988 - September 1992
from the University of Damascus, Syria
Ranked 2nd in my class
International University for Science and Technology (IUST) Academic Year 2011-2012
Damascus, Syria
Department of Interior Design
Interior Design Instructor
Ancient Venetian Floor Company (Syria Branch) March 2003 - December 2011
Damascus, Syria
Headquarters: 1516 Edison Street , Dallas, TX (214) 741-4555
Lead Designer in Syria Office
El-Khayat Institution for Oriental Design and Decorations February 1993 - July 2002
Damascus, Syria
Lead Designer
• Design and implementation of four palace halls for the Saudi Arabian Royal Kingdom
• Design and implementation of summer retreat palace hall for King Abdallah of Jordan
• Design and implementation of hall for the residence of the Prime Minister of Jordan
Zaid Al-Rifa’i
• Oversaw the renovation of a structure built in 1780, Kasir Beit El-Deen in Lebanon
• Oversaw the renovation of the 1300 year old Omayad Mosque in Damascus, Syria
• Ranked second in my graduating class from the University of Damascus
• Over nineteen years of experience coordinating, designing, implementing, artwork,
construction and interior design projects
• Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Interior Design from the
University of Damascus, Syria
• Experience teaching Interior Design for the International University For
Science and Technology, Damascus, Syria
• Dedicated, resourceful, and goal driven with a solid commitment from conceptual
design stage to implementation stage of projects
• Great interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships
with clients, management, and staff
• Experienced in meeting tight deadlines for large and small projects including some
of the largest hotels and palaces in the world
• Lead Designer for projects all over the world including the remodeling and
preservation of ancient historical structures
• Commercial as well as Residential Design and Construction
• Proficient in AutoCad as well as AutoCad 3D
• Basic use of Photoshop
• Perspective/Rendering by hand and computer
• Any style Artwork including Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, and Character Creation
• Engaged students in the learning progress through the use of diverse techniques
to encourage participation and allow students to take ownership of their learning
• Enhanced student academic and social growth by using varied teaching strategies
and techniques, included whole group, individual, small group, and teacher modeling
to provide a solid academic foundation and positive attitude toward education
• Working Knowledge and Experience in Furniture Design
References and Portfolio Available Upon Request
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Interior Design