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William Niver

Freelance Content Writer & Editor

Location:La Verne, California, United States
Phone: (909) 392-2175
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I am a 51 year-old small business owner living in Southern California. After eight years of prep school, I studied primarily history and English as an undergraduate (winning "Best Paper" in a 1980 national historical association competition) before spending several uninspiring years in law school. My professional life has included work as a judicial assistant, reading specialist and standardized test skills instructor, English Department Chairman at a private college preparatory school, executive assistant in the hazardous waste industry, and, for the past decade, owner of a small, specialized brokerage for hazardous waste transportation and disposal. My writing skills, grounded in formal Latin- and Greek-based education, have come to include traditional research methods as well as computer- and web-based skills, clear and concise explicatory and analytic writing, critical analysis, legal research and writing, business proposals and contracts, regulatory treatises and training handbooks, and technical articles and government permit applications. (Examples available.) I also write mediocre poetry, mostly humorous, satirical, and politically incorrect, and have garnered some local recognition for song parodies used at company parties and similar celebrations. I believe that in virtually all circumstances, the "plain style" writing of Henry Adams best conveys clear meaning and persuasive argument. Words should be used with honesty, precision, and forethought, and the superior writer must never lose awareness of the inherent musicality and emotional import of his diction. Good writing requires a variety of inter-related skills honed over time and integrated through experience and practice. The point of writing is to communicate precisely, to argue intelligently, and to persuade undeniably. I am very good at what I do, but I am not so deluded as to think that my skills will match everyone's specific requirements. Therefore, I ask only for a chance to begin a conversation with you. Should my experience and skills meet your needs, you will be guaranteed a writing product inferior to none.
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