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Peter Wright

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Producer

Location:Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills


• Editing, Mixing, Mastering using Pro Tools, Logic Pro
• Drum replacement
• Tuning rooms, ringing-out monitors, optimizing dispersion, and mixing
FOH AND Monitors for live performance.
• Matching proper microphones and setting proper microphone placements
• Troubleshooting audio systems (Analog and Digital signal flows)
• Proper gain staging in order to optimize sonic quality
• Recording live performances
• Recording, Mixing and Mastering in analog, digital and hybrid environments
• Mixing “inside the box” on digital consoles

• Knowledge of Instruments, including their roles and frequency ranges
• Strong knowledge of Avid Pro Tools Systems
• Proper handling of equipment
• Editing, Mixing, and Mastering Audio
• Interpersonal Skills
• Effective communication skills in fast-paced environments
• Traveling audio production

• Media Tech Institute 2010-2011
• University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Bachelor of Science Degree—2003-
• Lafayette Senior High School – 2000
• Graduated Salutatorian at Media Tech Houston, 2011
• Pro Tools HD Music Production
• Pro Tools HD Post Production
Carnival Corporation
July 2012—Present
Responsibilities included, but not limited to:
• Performing independently as the audio tech aboard a designated ship
• Interacting with other employees onboard to ensure that all areas in which
any audio was required was setup and in proper working order
• Setting up of equipment in areas required for the entertainment of the ship
• Maintaining and repairing audio equipment to ensure equipment was in
proper working order and ready for the event that the equipment was being
designated for
• Mixing FOH and monitoring for theatrical productions
• Tearing down equipment once event was over and making sure it was ready
for the next day’s use
• Interacting with entertainment groups brought on board for a particular
cruise to assist in the setting up their equipment to ensure it was in proper
working order or to ensure they were provided with whatever Carnival
production equipment they might be utilizing
Live Sound Reinforcement for “Adrenaline,” FOH/Crew
January 2012 – June 2012
Responsibilities included, but not limited to:
• Setting up PA for live performance at concert venues throughout East Texas
• Placing microphones in proper locations for live performances
• Mixing FOH, Operating DMX lighting systems during live performances
Media Tech Institute, Lab Technician
December 2011-February 2012
Responsibilities included, but not limited to:
• Providing students with assistance in the recording facilities
• Maintaining equipment in all studios, and filled out damaged reports for
those items to be repaired in a timely fashion in order to ensure that studio
would always be in a functional state
• Instructing students and providing demonstrations on the proper procedures
for use of audio equipment
• Answering phones and acting as liaison between students, instructors and
Scott Brown Media Group, AV Technician (Temporary Position)
December 2011-January 2012
Responsibilities included, but not limited to:
• Preparing for setup of events for incoming clients by reviewing work orders
relating to a particular job for the day’s activities
• Setting up and maintaining audio systems for incoming clients after
reviewing work orders for a particular event
• Setting up and fulfilling AV needs for incoming clients once work orders
were reviewed for a particular event
• Setting up projectors and accompanying screens as per work orders
• Interacting with client during event in order to ensure all equipment worked
properly and met all of needs during an event
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Audio Editing
Audio Production