Freelance Medical Translator & Creative Writer

Location:Solvang, California, United States
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Please realize that this resume' was written to be sent to physicians and other healthcare professionals. I didn't include my experience as a creative writer, small newspaper columnist, poet and lyric and instrumental composer.

Sheila Victoria Garcia
To continue to provide high-quality, professional and accurate documents in a timely manner. I am eager to use my expertise in new and different realms of business, especially anything involving writing.


Since age 17, I have been in secretarial positions for lawyers, physicians, insurance companie, pastors and more. I am a highly-experienced, qualified medical transcriptionist, having worked more than 18 years continuously in this field. Prior supervisors have been shown appreciation for my being a team-player by helping coworkers lower their workloads, quickly and efficiently providing a rapid turn-around time and paying attention to detail and accuracy.

Work Experience

2001-Present: Lompoc Valley Medical Center.
Job Title: Medical Transcriptionist (hospital/acute care)

Transcribe doctors' dictated reports of all types in acute care (hospital) and private clinic settings.

Interact with physicians and office personnel, maintaining professional and friendly relationships and supporting them regarding their documents and related issues.

Answer telephone calls and either solve dictation-related problems or direct callers to other parties who can assist them.

I reliably produce high-quality and high-quantity documents.

1995-2001: Mayo Clinic/Rochester, 200 First Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905.
Job Title: Multi-Specialty Medical Transcriptionist (clinical)

In 1995, was member of spearheading team of transcriptionists, transcribing documents for every specialty department inside Mayo Clinic. This pilot study was a great success, and Mayo opened its first-ever Transcription Department. I later accepted a position in Mayo's Hematology Department, transcribing for physicians from all over the world, rapidly and accurately. I am proficient in Microsoft Word and many related programs.

I have accurately and speedily transcribed for doctors with strong accents, including Pakistani, Indian, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, Ethiopian, Asian, South African, Irish, Scottish, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and more, as well as most American dialects/accents. I became a trainer for newly-hired transcriptionists, as well as incoming physicians in Mayo'sClinical Notes dictation system.

1979-1981 - Wadena Pioneer Journal Newspaper, 314 Jefferson St S, Wadena, MN 56482. Job Title: Full-time typesetter. Duties included typing all newspaper copy, reviewing ads to clients and assisting newspaper team to work quickly under tight schedule to get newspaper out on time. Worked for a year in this newspaper's archives researching the town's 100-year history for a seven-section Centennial Edition, then edited, proofread, typed, created headlines and held personal interviews for additional articles. This edition won the National Centennial Edition award for year 1981.


06/1994 to 04/1995 - Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Wadena, MN
405 Colfax Ave SW, Wadena, MN 56482
One-Year Certificate/Medical Secretary with Emphasis on Transcription. Graduated with 4.0 GPA, with highest honors/fastest transcriptionist.

1995 to 2001 - Continued to take both voluntary and required courses at Mayo Clinic, receiving certificates of completion and awards.

Extracurricular activities

Play piano and compose both instrumentals and lyrics.
Like to hike and spend time with family and friends.
Am active in my church with music and other areas of involvement.

English. Some short courses in Spanish and French. Some Latin.


(I am omitting references for security's sake.)

I would be happy to provide letters of recommendation from physicians I have been transcribing for over the past 18 years, as well as a letter of recommendation from my supervisor at the acute care hospital.