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Steven F. Schultz

Freelance Screenwriter & Script Writer

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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As a screenwriter/actor/producer living and working in Orlando, Florida I seek to market my work as well as write screenplays based upon the concepts of other creative people who are not skilled in the art of screenwriting. My screenplays are written utilizing the current industry standard for format, structure and length. As of November 18, 2011 I have 2 feature length screenplays (100+ pages) completed and 7 short subject scipts (23-54 pages) and 12 other concepts in various genre and different levels of completion. A complete list of titles can be seen on my company website (link above).
My work is developed from a solid logline from which characters are developed in a way that they have a unique voice and life of their own.
Storyline and plot is evolved using the hero’s journey as a conduit into the script itself. Scripts are developed using the beat method as described in various books by renowned screenwriter and author, Blake Snyder. Yes, there are other authors who have defined this key process, but I am most comfortable with and prefer using Mr. Snyder’s methods. In addition to a solid structure for the screenplay this method also provides concise beats to pitch the project in two minutes or less.
Once the first draft is complete the next part of the process for me is to develop a ‘High Concept” poster with a title that tells it all and an unforgettable tag line. With all these things in place I fully have my head wrapped around the project and it is ready for re-write in preparation to go out to producers to bid for or directors for collaboration.
With a solid background in live performance, photography and engineering I am a solid asset for both the production and pre-production processes. The various skills developed over the years allows me to aid in developing shot lists, storyboards, and on the spot script enhancement based upon spur of the moment bursts of genius that can occur while on the set during the production phase.
Based upon my skills peripheral to screenwriting, I can state with confidence, that I offer a complete package for an already taxed producer. My forty years as part of manufacturing and design organizations has given me leadership and organizational skills, but it is my A-type personality that drives me to continually strive for perfection to produce a product superior to my competitors with the discipline to remain within a realistic budget.
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