Faye Gadd

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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Hey! My name is Faye. I'm a college student at eighteen, getting my AA this year. My major is going to be law, and I'm minoring in business so as to own my own law firm one day. Writing is a hobby of mine. I love to write fantasy pieces considering I grew up with movies like Labyrinth and Spirited Away. I don't think anyone could beat David Bowie as Goblin King. Writing is a passion. I love to shake the foundation of reality in my writing and dare to be different. I love to edit papers and read people's work. Anything that is ink on a page is something that makes me smile. Our thoughts, as a society, need to be voiced somehow. Words are how we express ourselves from something as simple as displeasure, to our beliefs, to even just our fantasies taking on a life of their own as ink swells on a page creating a tidal wave of our emotions that will sweep all those who read it off their feet. I'd love to help anyone that wants to express themselves get their chance!
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Creative Writing