Gavin Fitzgerald

Freelance Website Architect & Website Designer

Location:Brighton, United Kingdom
2 Skills
My name is Gavin Fitzgerald. I am a web design and development freelancer
with 15 years experience. During my career, I have been fortunate to work
on several high-profile projects including MTV, Pantone and Rizla Suzuki.

I am an experienced web developer, and am fluent in HTML, CSS,
Javascript and libraries such as JQuery. I am also experienced with many
development languages such as PHP. I am also a very experienced developer with platforms such as Wordpress and Magento.

I pride myself on creating user
friendly, cross-browser, multi-platform websites that are a real asset to
my client's businesses and projects. I am also an experienced online
marketing consultant.

As well as my freelance business, I am the web design, development, online
and social marketing contact at the Jump Start Initiative. Jump Start is an
organisation that helps give new business an extra push, while using the
profit to help out charities and community groups in and around Worthing.
One such project is that I am soon to start teaching a Social Media course
to community groups and charities, helping them to leverage the power of
social media to further their causes.