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Haley Hobbs

Freelance Landscape Painter & Mural Painter

Location:San Diego, California, United States
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I am 18 and going to school for geology but I have many passions; I am a teacher, Painter, First Violinist, Dog groomer, and in a few years, an Entomologist.
Along with going to school Monday and Tuesday nights, I also work as a dog bather/ groomer Thursday afternoons through Sunday afternoon. Although it doesn't seem like it, I feel I have a lot of time to fill, and I try my best to fill my time with my artwork. I want to start my own business someday with my artwork, but for now I want to paint my way through college. I have taken art classes through high school, and became my schools top artist. I also was an assistant teacher in a special education art class at Linda Vista Elementary School and I have painted billboards for USD college. I have a lot of experience at home and outside of home; I have done a large variety of painting from landscapes to Doctor Who! Animals, Pet Portraits, Billboards, Water color, close up insect illustration, and more! I know I can provide you with excellent service. I am young, have a lot of energy, and I have an endless imagination!