Natalie Texler

Freelance Music Producer & Script Writer

Location:Norwood, South Australia, Australia
2 Skills
- Fantastic customer service skills.
- Experienced in microsoft word/powerpoint/excel
- Excellent sales and much experience in making quota.
- Experienced in software
- Quick and adaptive to new experiences.
- Sound technician and design experience.
- Production management skills.
- Research skills.
- Behaves in a responsible and professional manner.
- Experience as a tutor/lecturer.
- Extensive experiences in hospitality.

Awards/Items of Note:
- One half of Pen and Piano Productions.
- Published Poet (Piping Shrike 2012)
- Part time work as music producer (unpaid).
- Wrote and produced Tick-Tock in 2011 at the University of South Australia.
- Work on UniSA’s 2012 production of Baal as a sound designer/technician.
- Experience as a sound technician (Music Theatre concerts at the Hartley Playhouse, work at the Academy at UniSA City West)
- Experience in tutoring, with focus on theatre studies.
- Training in editing and professional writing
- Works on productions and plays as a script writer/director.
- Hobbies include music, film, video game, firevtwirling and theatre.
- Gap year in 2008 spent gathering work experience in sales and retail
Skills (2) Rating
Music Production
Script Writing