Jenna Busse

Freelance Document Designer & Presentation Designer

Location:United States
2 Skills
I am a helper!
My past experiences include cleaning (office, hotel, in-home), customer service (call centers for loan corporations and for troubleshooting equipment, answering service, gambling establishments in the Black Hills Area - Deadwood, SD, supervisor in food establishments), cashiering/register experience (grocery, gift shops, restaurants, etc.), restaurant knowledge (preparation of food (Certified), service of food, delivery), financial knowledge (loan servicing company), ability to enhance self-admiration with inspirational conversation.
I have a degree in Environmental Field Engineering. I truly enjoy the GIS aspect of my degree, more the program that creates interactive digital maps with data that is easy to access information, ARCMap, its an amazing program.
I have teaching experience, I can help to create a step by step guide to complete a task such as changing something about your computer or electronic device.
I really enjoy being able to help anyone in almost any task/situation. I get full satisfaction being able to help accomplish a task that has been sitting on the "I will eventually get to it" list. I myself have one of those :).
I enjoy helping with my enhanced knowledge in creative writing. Proof reading to allow constructive criticism to completely creating and maintaining documents. I can help to organize files or help to create a filing system that is easy to understand with a directory. Writing from brainstorms, chicken scratch, multiple documents.
Create tasteful designs using multiple editing software, create one of a kind photos with effects. That knowledge gathered with my marketing experience.
I have experience in completing applications and following through with the process for approval on applications.

I recently relocated after working in a fast paced civil engineering firm, I understand the importance of time so I make sure to get all work done at a reasonably fast with accuracy.

Rate will depend obviously on what task you are requesting from me, flexibility is available. Base rate is noted.

Thank you so very much in advance!