Heather Jones

Freelance Book Illustrator & Drawer

Location:Tacoma, Washington, United States
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Heather L. Jones
2110 North Tyler Street
Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: (253) 514-1669
Email: heatherjones.hlj@gmail.com

Graphic Designer
Multitalented graphic designer seeking internship, contract work, or entry-level position. Foundation in painting illustration, graphite rendering, branding, mural design/production, and sculpture.

Skills Summary
• Eight years Customer Service – Hospitality Industry.
• Fine Art Drawing, Pencil Rendering, Gouache Painting, Sculpture.
• Computer Skills on the Windows & Mac platforms:
Illustrator CS3/CS4/CS5 - Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5 - Dreamweaver CS5
Illustration/Drawing/Painting & Design Fundamentals, IADT-Seattle 2007 – 2011

Course Related Skills & Experience
Illustration & Rendering
• Created a series of six cartoon characters [three line drawings & three in color] for a fictitious skateboarding company for a course in Design Fundamentals. The purpose of the assignment was to exhibit creative line drawing as well as technical painting skill.
• Created a series of nine high-quality graphite renderings of various subjects including still life [such as glass, metal, water, and fabric] and portrait photography for an Introduction to Drawing course.
• Using calligraphy ink, created a series of three high-contrast images of famous people including one image of Elvis Presley and two images of Marilyn Monroe with John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy optically blended into them for a course in Design Fundamentals.
• Rendered drawings, illustrations and sketches of characters, photographs, models, and manufactured products, working from sketches, schematics, memory, models, and reference materials.
• Produced finished artwork as a decoration or to elucidate or substitute for spoken or written messages.

Design & Communication
• Designed a business package for a designated classmate/client for a course in Design Fundamentals which included a logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope. This project was assigned to exhibit the student’s ability to confer with a client regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced. The preliminary artwork was submitted for the client’s approval and revisions were incorporated as necessary. Successful completion of the product required interpersonal and communication skills as well as cognitive and intuitive thinking.
• Designed a logo, stamp, coin, and poster for the Summer 2012 Olympics for a course in Color Theory. Successful completion of the project required ongoing communication with the instructor, research in specific subject areas, and monitoring of events, trends, and other circumstances.
• Integrated and developed visual elements such as point, line, space, mass, shape, movement, color, pattern, texture, contrast, and perspective in order to produce desired effects such as the illustration of ideas, emotions, or moods.
• Developed complex problem solving and troubleshooting skills by identifying a problem [or potential problem], reviewing the options, and implementing a solution.


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Course Related Skills & Experience (continued)

Computer Imaging
• Created vector graphics straight from photographs by layering shapes of the appropriate size, color, and opacity to precisely mimic the silhouettes and shadows that made up the original photograph, creating a whimsical spin on an image with true-to-life proportions.
• Created raster/vector graphics from sketches and renderings.
• Digitally enhanced hand-drawn and painted imagery in Illustrator and Photoshop.
• Using Illustrator and Photoshop, created website layouts, buttons, logos, graphics, as well as two-dimensional animations and incorporated them into Adobe Dreamweaver for two courses in Web Design.
Self-Taught Skills and Experience

• Used Polymer Clay to create sculptures of miniatures [ranging in size, from ¼” – 6”] including but not limited to: Human & Animal Figurines, Background Scenery, Candies/Desserts, Foods & Utensils, Flowers, Doll Furniture, Faux Stones, and Beads (using the caning technique).
• Used the clay-like medium known as Model Magic to create light-weight sculptures [ranging in size, from ¼” – 2 feet], including: Facial Busts, Jewelry Elements, Flowers, Background Scenery, Figurines, and three-dimensional accent elements for murals.
• Created sculptures and other three-dimensional artwork by using abrasives and tools to shape, carve, and fabricate materials such as polymer, air-dry, or heat-curing clays.

• Designed and created various jewelry and jewelry-elements including: Centerpieces, Metal Chains [for necklaces, bracelets, and artistic accents], Chain Maille, Earrings, Closures, Faux Stones, Caning Beads, and Celtic Knots.

Management of Financial Resources
• Determined the types of tools and equipment required to create and/or produce specific designs.
• Developed a basic understanding of project-management fundamentals by estimating project scope, timelines, and material costs.

Gouache Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor Paint, Graphite, Tortillons, Water-Based or Latex Interior & Exterior Paint, Spray Paint, Calligraphy Pens & Ink, Hard & Soft Wire, Wire Sculpting Tools, Polymer Clay, Heat Curing Clay, Self-Curing Clay, Clay Sculpting Tools, Cold Pressed Bristol Paper, Sketching Paper, Drawing Paper, Flat Canvas, Raised Canvas [pre-made & hand-stretched], Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

Employment History

? HLJ Designs 2011
Freelance graphic arts, short-term project contractor

? CSbH, Cleaning Services by Heather 2010 – Present
Self-employed, Provide Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

? The Keg Restaurant & Lounge 2002 – 2009
Eight year engagement of increasing responsibilities and job growth.

Awards and Achievements
? Education Dean’s List
International Academy of Design & Technology – Dean’s List Spring Quarter 2007
International Academy of Design & Technology – Dean’s List Spring Quarter 2010

? Employment Achievements
Keg Restaurant & Lounge - Outstanding Performance Award December, 2002
Keg Restaurant & Lounge – Promotion 2003
Keg Restaurant & Lounge – Promotion 2008
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Book Illustration