Lindsay Fisher

Freelance Event Planner & Business Manager

Location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills
I have 7 years of experience in the cable Television industry as an International, Consumer, B2B and Digital Marketing professional. For the past 8 years I have owned and operate several businesses and a non-profit that specialize in art, media, culture and social innovation. I excel in operations, communication, leadership, team building and public speaking. Decisive Marketing Director who drives company growth through creative an innovative marketing strategies. Skilled at analyzing market trends and customer needs to develop highly-effective and targeted marketing campaigns across various media platforms including print, web, social media and television.

I am an ENFJ (Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judgmental) personality type. (Myers Briggs)

I am a Visual and Kinesthetic communicator (Law of Connection)

My top 5 strengths are: (Strengths Finder)

Account Management
Start-Up Background
Direct Marketing Campaigns
Deadline Driven + Decisive
Quality Leadership
Enthusiastic Team Player
Excellent Written and Verbal Communicator
Digital Marketing Skills
Customer Service Oriented
Go-to-Market Strategy Development
Problem Solving
Trade Shows
Project Management

Launched a new television network and in 3 years time sold for 5 times the original value ($50Million)

Conceptualized and launched a pro-social campaign (Souls4Souls) which led to an increase of $160,000 annually in license fees. Campaign recipient of the Halo Cuse Marketing Award, Mark Award and Beacon Award in 2012

Hired, trained and managed a team of 4 successful project managers
Reduced the average cost per acquisition to $2 from the historic $7 through successful targeted email and social media campaigns

Implemented processes in organizational development to aid interdepartmental collaboration and approval processes as well as project management software and reporting standards.
SEO/SEM Strategies that increased website traffic by 60% through effective meta-tagging, blogging and search engine submissions.

Brand Manager and Market Research strategies that was used to brand and re-brand a television network, defined industry segments and identified opportunities in domestic and international markets.

July 2006 - May 2013
Director of Consumer Marketing - Halogen TV
Began as an intern and was quickly hired and promoted to manager within 2 years where I developed campaigns both B2B and B2C for 3 tv networks for 3 years. Was then promoted to Director of Consumer Marketing for 2 years.
Managed a budget of $500,000
Defined project deliverables and monitored status of tasks. Drafted action plans and led meetings with department executives to review project status and proposed changes.
Delivered status reports to stakeholders for budgeting and planning purposes
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to draft project schedules and plans
Monitored costs, timescales, and resources to achieve distribution goals
Ensured branding cohesiveness across multi-platforms

Sept 2011 - present
Director of Operations and Events - AKA Creative
Start-up core team member that developed the business model, financials and strategies to enter a new market and secure investment capital.
Develop Internal processes for 7 different departments
Managed a team of 7 directors and oversee 25 volunteers
Lead strategy and project oversight on 20+ events

Oct 2007-present
Board Member - AmericaXL
Oversee strategic partnership and weekly operations of the non-profit
Develop fundraising campaigns
Oversee public relations and community outreach campaigns

2007 Bachelor of Science: International Business Management
University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Charlotte, NC
Minors: Marketing and Economics