Ahmad Aqra

Freelance Arabic Translator & Newspaper Illustrator

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
AZJordan St. - Arjan - Amman
P. O. Box 950341 Amman (11195) – Jordan Phone +962-79-5924449
Phone +962-6-5338011
E-mail : top_smart2002@yahoo.com
Ahmad Fakhri A. Aqra
Personal Information
? Marital Status: Single
? Nationality: Jordanian
? Date of Birth: April 15, 1979.
? Place of Birth: Kuwait
Education 2000 - 2004 Applied Science University Amman
BA in English Language and Translation / Excellent (88.9)

? A Course Geared to the Conversation 2 programs - Modern Language Center – Amman-Jordan, From Nov. 20, ’99 Through Dec. 15, ’99 / Excellent.
? A Course Geared To the TOEFL Program - Modern Language Center – Amman-Jordan, From Sep. 18, ’99 through Oct. 27, ’99 / Excellent.
? Scores of Courses in the Domains of Media, Analysis, and Related Issues Provided By the US Government.
Training Courses & Activities - A training course in English – Arabic – English Translation and interpretation from August to October 2003 in Applied Science University – Amman – Jordan. (This is part of the undertaken modules required to obtain a degree in Translation. It is about simultaneous interpretation, Economic and Political translation).
- A freelancer for Allieds translation center translating documents and training books for the Iraqi police.
- A workshop in the Higher Media Council from 16/1/2005 till 18/1/2005 on the media fields of economics and politics.
/Awards received/ I have ranked 1st in the field of English Language and Translation at Applied Science University for 8 semesters.
- Several awards granted by the US Government.
Computer Skills Familiar with using computer (Microsoft and Internet applications).

Experience 1. I worked at the daily newspaper of The Jordan Times as a translator from 1 October 2004 until 30 April 2005.
2. I have been working as a media translator and at the Open Source Center at the American Embassy in Amman since 1 May 2005.
3. I have worked as a freelancer for some domestic and international news agencies