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Sean Smith

Freelance Animator & Drawer

Location:United Kingdom
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Profile _____________________________________________________________

I found traditional animation an enjoyable challenge; because there are so many different styles out there it is hard to create a unique one of your own. But there is something about animating especially with hand drawn animation when you play back the film you slaved over, it captures and inspires people all over the world with its valuables and uniqueness its worth every second.

I have a strong drawing hand and a creative mind and the willingness to learn and embrace new skills, also I can work well in a team and take orders but also I’m not afraid to give me opinion if need be.

Skills _____________________________________________________________

I have an understanding of the animation principles and I am able to apply those principles to the work I produce. I can also gather appropriate animation methodologies within the preproduction and development stages that strengthen my work flow.

During 2009 I attended a full day Ed Hooks Master- Class with insights in his invaluable methods and work practices.

Intermediate Drawing Skills including Line of action, Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose Animation, Secondary Action, Weight, Squash and Stretch.

Intermediate Photoshop Knowledge

Basic/Intermediate Adobe Flash Knowledge Including Visuals, Animating, Video editing

Basic Adobe After Effects Knowledge

Education _____________________________________________________________

Birmingham City University

BA (Hons) Animation and Animation for games design

Halesowen College

BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design Level 1-2
Foundation Studies in Art Design and Media level 3

Langley High School

6 GCSE’s
Double NVQ in IT

Interests and Hobbies _____________________________________________________

Travel, Photography, Drawing, Art, Martial arts, films, socializing

I try to travel to new and exiting places if I can, and by doing that it also gives me the opportunity to take visual research through drawing or photography.

I often draw the human figure in my free time either indoors or out, it keeps me in practice and helps me get a better understanding of compositions, various poses and weight.

I am keen in the future to enter my shorts animations into film and animation events, festivals and competitions.
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