Amanda Roses

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & Landscape Architect

Location:Aurora, Oregon, United States
2 Skills
I am a Landscape Designer and Consultant. I work in the Pacific North-West and have been here all my life. Landscape design is an art form that uses the design principles of color, form, texture, line, focus and movement. Taking these elements and applying them to thriving usable outdoor spaces is what I do. Landscape design requires a breadth of knowledge from art and style to botanical and horticultural sciences. Some customers just need for me to spend a little time to bounce around ideas/ brainstorm and leave them with some basic ideas/plant suggestions/diagrams/sketches. Others are in need of a full schematic layout plan drawing. Whichever level of detail meets your needs I am happy to listen. I have several years of experience working in retail and wholesale nurseries. I have been employed as an in house designer/consultant for a nursery and a landscape firm. I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon 2010.