Mani Deepika Kommana

Freelance Mainframe Programmer & Business Developer

Location:Beckenham, United Kingdom
2 Skills
I. Professional Summary (Onsite/Offshore)

• Mainframe Professional having 6+ years of experience in Mainframe technologies with 4 + years of offshore experience in India and 2 years of onsite experience in USA. Worked on Analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of IBM Mainframe applications. Application areas include Core Banking and Health Insurance domains.

• Proficient in IBM Mainframe Technologies such as COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL, VSAM, EZYTRIEVE, REXX, IMS and MQ-Series.

• Well versed with mainframe tools like RDZ, CHANGEMAN, SPUFI, QMF, SAR, SCREEN PAINTING, FILE-AID, OPCT Scheduler, NDM, INTERTEST, JCLPLUS and emulator RUMBA etc.

• Proficient and has extensively worked for 6+ years on a very sophisticated tool FIDELITY SYSTEMATICS on various application that include IMPACS (Integrated Monetary Processing and control system), ST (Savings and Time deposits), RM (Customer Information system), IT (Inter system transfer), SC (Customer statement), TX (Tax system), HX (Certification tracking and a regulatory system) and TS/GN (supports online maintenance of General ledger).

• Worked on applications like INFOPOINT ACCOUNT ANALYSIS, ARP (Account reconciliation) and ASY applications.

• Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle with emphasis on Application Quality Assurance with AGILE methodologies.

• Experienced as a Project Lead/Business Analyst/Onsite Coordinator in mainframe environment. Has good experience in resource handling, providing training to team members, task estimation- scheduling- tracking and production Support.

• Worked in System Testing in Insurance domain with a background of DB2. Very strong in System test cases preparation, defect logging, defect fixing, and System test cases verification.

• As a part of project Management, worked on collecting and preparing Project monthly Metrics for about 4 years.

• Can do Attitude. Ability to quickly master new concepts and applications. Has excellent written and oral communication, organizational and analytical skills.

II. Achievements

• Awarded AOM (Associate of the Month) for supporting a live production activity continuously for 20 hours, taking an entire responsibility of production check outs, monitoring both batch and online, testing and resolving issues and post production support of a very complicated tool Account Analysis.

• Awarded many a times with prestigious letter of appreciation "POB" (Pat on Back) appreciating my analytical skills, developing modules first time right, acquiring knowledge on Projects tool Systematics in a very short span of time. Also for imparting trainings to the new joiners to the team and commitment towards work.

• Received continuous appreciation emails from Clients for Process Improvements, Cost Optimizations, etc.

• Was selected as a member of the LFL (leader fuel ship league), an initiative of MSAT, in the process of training 100 leaders for future in the entire organization.

• Was five times an “S” rater in the annual appraisal process of Mahindra Satyam in a period of six years and “M” for a year (Where S–SMART, M-MERITORIOUS, A-ADEQUATE, R-REASONABLE, T-TRIAL)
This case is a probability of one in a thousand associates.

III. Employment Summary

Mahindra Satyam experience, (Offshore – India, Onsite - USA)

Industry Information Technology
Organization Mahindra Satyam, Hyderabad, India
Band-Sub band/ Designation Team Lead/Onsite coordinator – Band T
Duration January 2006 - October 2012

IV. Skills

INFOPOINT Account Analysis system, COBOL, VSAM, DB2, CICS, JCL, MQ SERIES, SYSTEM TESTING, SAR, CHANGEMAN, INTERTEST, C, C++, RDBMS Concepts, Internet concepts, HTML, TSMQ Testing, JCLPLUS, RDZ, Cloud computing, Banking and Insurance domain trainings.
OPTIONAL DOMAIN SKILLS Banking and Financial Services, Insurance

VI. Certifications
S.No Title Organized by % marks
1. IBM DB2 700 fundamentals IBM 96%
2. Brian Bench Cobol II Brain bench NA
3. Cloud Computing Mahindra Satyam NA

VII. Project Details

Project: Domain Banking
Role Team lead / Business Analyst
Organization Mahindra Satyam
Location Offshore: Hyderabad, SEZ, Hi-tech City Onsite: NEWYORK
Duration Offshore and Onsite : Sep 2006—October 2012
Database : DB2, VSAM
Tools : RUMBA, RDZ, FILE-AID, CHANGE MAN, INTERTEST for online and batch,
Hardware Z/OS

About the Customer:
Citigroup Inc. is today’s pre-eminent financial services company, handling more than 200 million customers A /C’s in more than 160 countries with 300,000 employees and with total assets of nearly 1.6 trillion USD. Citigroup is organized into three major business groups. They are Global Consumer Group, Corporate and Investment Banking and Global Wealth Management. North America Information Technology (NAIT) provides Technology services and support for Global Consumer-NA. NAIT’s mission, working in partnership with functional leaders, is to create sustainable, profitable growth by leveraging Technology. In 2006, NAIT’s strategy is focused on enabling a consistently exceptional customer experience across channels, Simplification of both infrastructure and applications, aligning the broad product offerings of Global Consumer-NA with the needs of our customers and Operational Excellence (Reliability, Availability, and Performance of applications).
Project Description:

Systematics is a suite of Financial Application Software owned by the Fidelity Information services. It has both batch and online applications for the commercial businesses supported by CTSG (Citibanking Technology Solutions Group). Systematics encompasses the Fidelity applications – IMPACS (IM), SAVINGS/TIME (ST), CERTIFICATION-TRACKING (HX), TAX SYSTEM (TX), ARCHITECTURE SYSTEM (GN), INTER SYSTEM (IT), RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (RM), COMBINED STATEMENT (SC), SIMS SYSTEM (AS), COMMERICAL LOAN(CL). And Non Fidelity Applications include ACCOUNT ANALYSIS (AAN), ACCOUNT RECONCILMENT (ARP), and SYSTEM INTERFACE (ASY).The scope of this project is limited to the maintenance/enhancement activities of the Fidelity/ Non Fidelity Applications of Systematics.

Major Projects worked for the client CITIGROUP using Fidelity Information services tool SYSTEMATICS

• Account Re-numbering in CITI bank (ST/IM/RM/HX/IT)
• FDIC Assessment – Phase I (IM / ST)
• FDIC reporting PHASE – II (IM/ST/RM/IT/SY/TS/GN)
• AML Account Opening Data Capture P1201 (IM/ST/RM/ SY)
• Account reformatting (IM/ST)
• De-conversion Projects (IM/ST/RM/HX/IT/SC)
• Transaction Profile Questions to Mantas Account Scoring Phase II (IM/ST)
• Data Masking (IM/ST/RM/SC/HX)
• Tax Due Diligence (IM/ST)
• Tax Info Reporting (TX/IM/ST)
• Professionally Managed Accounts (IM/ST/RM)
• COBOL Recompile Project (AEA ARM ASF AHX ATT)
• Account Signer Expansion (IM/ST/RM/TS)
• COB Testing for business continuity (All applications)
• Title lines to concierge thru XML (RM)

Major Projects worked for the client CITIGROUP using tools Infopoint Account Analysis and Account reconciliation Process

• Account Analysis upgrade from 8.5 version to 9.0
• Many ARP report generating programs
• ASY Application

Contribution to the projects as a team lead/team member at offshore (HYD, INDIA)

Analysis, designing and coding

• Interacting with the client on bi-weekly basis on the business and technical solutions of the works assigned.
• Analysis of the business specifications and creating understanding documents, estimation and Unit test reports.
• Creating the detailed design documents and all required INFOMAN records like RFCs and all related components.
• Coding the modules as per the business requirement. This also includes enhancements of the modules.
• Coding the I/O modules, JCLS, PROCS, Copybooks and Control cards for various test regions and for production.
• Creation of various online components like SDRs, ICRs, TBRs, DAGs, entry of elements in various online screens that are required for the projects. Generation of maps from SDRs.
• Worked on API/ RPI programming
• Creation of DAG elements and AUXING the DAGS, adding them to DST. AUXING DAGS include AUXING of large DAGS as well.
• Creating Screen helps, element helps, Report ids, Screen structure ids, country codes and other PARMS objects.
• Is the major contributor in the EXTRACT and TS APPLY processes i.e. (Extraction of components from one online region called EXPORTING and applying them into another required online region called IMPORTING)
• Creating SAR report IDs and indexes.
• Review of other team member tasks.
• Following the quality process related to project

Testing and Validations

• Unit testing of all the modules and documenting the results in UTRs, which requires end-end analysis of all the modules.
• Promotion of packages
• TSMQ testing of the online modules.
• In case of production issues, generating sample XML and tweak them to reproduce the error, test and resolve the issues.
• Testing the flow of online screens and modules.
• Validation of online screens, help screens, help elements etc.
• Validations of all the reports generated as a part of each project
• Maintained a detail document on all the changes done during the project called Change Logs and also maintained issue logs.

Implementation and Postproduction

• Preparation and readiness of RFCs
• Creation of JOBDOCS
• Preparing production components and staging them to Packages.
• Auditing and freezing of the packages.
• Re-creating the issue that has occurred in Production, testing and fixing it.

Contribution to the projects as an Onsite coordinator (NEW YORK, USA)

• Performing all the above activities like Analysis, design, coding, testing validation that were performed as worked at offshore.
• Involving in interaction with the customers for understanding their business needs and translate them to modifications or enhancements.
• Updating Bank holidays in the required online screens for all the applications like IM/ST/HX/IT and Infopoint Account analysis. Verifying the same before every posting dates based on posting calendars.
• Preparing the implementation scripts in the sequence of modules/processes to be implemented in production. This has also to be followed in various test regions before implementing in production.
• Assigning tasks to offshore, reviews and validations.
• Knowledge transfer of the domain learned at Client’s place. Document them for repository as well.
• NDM any required components, files from test region to production regions.
• Supporting the Production activities of the projects that I have worked on. Audit and freezing the packages, Locking of RFCs, checking out the components in production, Monitoring the batch, fixing in case of abends, validation of file updates, screens and reports wherever required.
• Participate in technical collaboration meetings, status meetings, knowledge sharing sessions, 1-1 meetings, etc.

Project Domain Insurance (Health)
Project Name: SAMS-Test Design
Role Test designer
Organization Mahindra Satyam
Location Offshore: Hyderabad, TSR Towers Onsite : Bloomington
Duration Offshore: April/2006 till September/2006
Languages: COBOL
Database : DB2
Tools : RUMBA file aid, Lotus Notes
O/s : MVS/ESA, Windows
Hardware Z/OS, IBM PC compatibles

a) Project Description

The Sales and Assignment Management System (SAMS) establishes a "business infrastructure" and human resources management system to support all sales activities of agents, agency field leadership, employee sales associates and related support processes.
The SAMS technology solution better supports Agency vision and planning efforts and will improve ABC Insurance’s ability to respond more quickly to new business directions, marketing programs and quality initiatives for the benefit of our policy and account holders.
SAMS is a new integrated system that is intended to replace three existing systems - AIMS, ACT and Agency 2000. AIMS, ACT and Agency 2000 systems are currently being used by three different business departments within Agency division of ABC Insurance, ABC Agents and Agent Staff. SAMS will address existing functionality of the current three systems as well as incorporate enhancements. Within SAMS, the old application functionality and the enhancements are being generally referred as AIMS, ACT and Agency 2000.

The offshore team is currently involved in the following kind of work requests:
• Conducting impact analysis of the specifications provided by the clients,
• Preparing Low Level Designing
• Coding based on the Specifications provided by the Client and according to the checklist,
• Development of the new programs,
• Testing application (Includes the Unit Testing and Pre Integration Testing),
• Reviewing the work done,
• Following and preparing Quality Documents conferring to standards,
• Promoting the changes,
• Production support.

This is an Onsite / Offshore Project with an ODC and is a MIGRATION project of IMS DB to DB2.
b) Contribution
As a team member, was responsible for
• System Testing
• System Test Cases Designing
• System Test Cases Preparation
• Defect logging and fixing
• Writing DB2 queries for retrieving data from tables and segments, so as to verify the results against the test cases run manually.