Haydar Mohammad

Freelance Drawer & Arabic Translator

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503 888 0499 haydar.m76@gmail.com
Highly motivated, patient, dependable, follows instructions and carries out tasks in an efficient manner.
Have great experience and knowledge in Middle Eastern traditions and behaviors. Arabic native
speakers, excellent in English –Arabic translation and interpreting
October 2012-January 2013
QED Group/ Evaluation team member (local expert): USAID/Iraq’s Tijara - Provincial Economic Growth
Project Performance Evaluation
? Translating key informant interview (English/Arabic)
? Conducting Key informant interviews and focus groups
? Writing part of the final report.
February 2011 – June 2011/ IRAQ
QED Group/ PERFORM/USAID: Member of the Midterm Evaluation Team of Tijara/ USAID
? Conducting Key informant interviews and focus groups with the clients and directors of the Small
Business Development Center in 4 provinces.
? Conducting key informant interviews with Business Development Services team leaders.
? Writing part of the final report.
? Cultural advisor with the team in the field research part.
January 2011- March 2011/ IRAQ
QED Group/ PERFORM/USAID: member of the Final Evaluation Team for Tatweer/ USAID
? Conducting key informant interviews with Tatweer team leaders.
? Conducting key informant interviews in several Iraqi Ministries and entities in three provinces.
? Cultural advisor with the team in the field research part.
November 2007 – February 2009/ IRAQ
Mustansiryah University /Project Manager, project of updating the master plan of Samawah, Rumaitha
and Khider cities- Iraq, implemented by the Mustansiryah University in Iraq.
? Collected and the infrastructure maps, photos and technical information for the three cities,
translating these information and upload all these data to the website.
? Trained 70 surveyors, how to collect data from the official Departments, how to fill the surveying
forms (word and excel).
November 2005- September 2006/ IRAQ
ARDI/USAID: Grant manager, Agriculture Reconstruction and development in Iraq DAI-USAID:
? Designed, supervised and implemented 8 Job creation project in the irrigation sector, these
projects provided 4000 temporary Job opportunities for the farmers in three Provinces in Iraq,
these projects funded by the USAID.
? Translating the project proposal from Arabic to English, and preparing the project progress
report in both Arabic and English language.
? Project monitoring and reporting.
? uploading all the data and pictures for each project and activity to the ARDI website
? Developed and supported several local nongovernmental organizations.
November 2004 – November 2005/ IRAQ
Liaison office in Iraq/Consultant Engineer, (Economic cooperation-Grant Aid Division- Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of Japan\ Liaison office in Iraq-Samawah city):
? Established list of the potential contractors and companies of Al-Muthnnah (Database for the
companies and the contractors).
? Interpreting the meetings and translating technical and political letters from official department.
? Project supervision and monitoring (regularly site visits, projects progress checking and taking
November 2003 – November 2004/ IRAQ
RTI-LGP1/Local Governance Project –USAID : Interpreter, Civil Society advisor:
? Interpreting the meetings and translating documents and projects proposals.
? Capacity building for civil society organizations in a civic participation role.
? Training local NGOs in organizational skills and project management.
January 2002 – November 2003/ IRAQ
Architect, Civil Engineering Company, As-Samawah, Iraq
? Planning and design of public and private engineering projects.
? Cost estimation and budget management of contracts.
? Quality control and technical acceptance of completed projects.
Local Elections trainer and volunteer polling station staff:
? Training local government officials in elections management.
? Polling station volunteer staff for the first full local elections in As Samawah and Ar- Rumaytha-
? Graduated from Samawah High school- Iraq / 1992-1996
? Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Baghdad University- Iraq / 1996-2002
Computer skills:
1. Excellent in Microsoft office like word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook.
2. Drawing and graphic programs: Auto Cad, photo shop, Adobe Acrobat, paint and picture
? Architectural skill: Designing and drawing: Excellent, Modeling of 3 dimensional of buildings:
? Arabic to English and English to Arabic translator
Training and workshops:
1. Civil society and nongovernmental organization workshop held in Baghdad- Iraq by USAID-RTI
how to support the local NGO's in Iraq, writing a projects proposal and Job creation with small
scale and quick impact projects.
2. Grants managements and Job creation project by using the manpower training in Erbil city Iraq
held by DAI-USAID.
? Iraqi Arabic –Native/ English –Spoken: Excellent , Reading: Excellent, Writing: Very Good
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Arabic Translation