Michael Miller

Freelance Business Consultant & Business Manager

Location:Lexington, Kentucky, United States
2 Skills
Accomplished Executive with focus on Operations and IT Business Strategies. 25+ years enhancing operational efficiencies, increasing revenue, developing products/solutions and directing major IT initiatives to support mission-critical business objectives. Provide vision and strong leadership while maintaining focus on tactical issues and strategic direction. Keen ability to align technology with business needs and maximize organizational skills/resources while communicating vertically and horizontally throughout the organization. Excellent communication skills with ability to promote alliances for a common good. Skilled in planning, execution, negotiations, and staff development and motivational team leadership.
Core Competencies Include:
Strategic & Tactical Planning Global Contract Negotiations & Management Mergers & Acquisition
Application Development Budget & Financial Management Large Scale Systems Design
Operational Excellence Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Global Product Rollout
Resource Deployment Cost Reductions & Efficiency Vendor Management
Systems Scalability, Reliability and Performance Saas, Web Services and Hardware/Software Integration Staff and Organizational Leadership, Team Building


Omikron Data Systems, Inc., Los Angeles, CA/Boca Raton, FL October 2005 – Present
Independent consulting and Software Company providing executive level and strategic consulting services.
Omikron Data Systems, Inc. introduces high-level technology solutions through innovative application development, targeted consulting engagements and strategic partnerships with multiple, world-class companies to delivers services to our clients. Omikron offers IT and Management, organization, systems and software/hardware integration with specific focus on web services and Software as a Service (SaaS). We also offer consulting, project management, strategic planning, infrastructure and data center implementation, call center planning and implementation, budgeting and financial management services. Omikron also develops iPhone and iPad applications for many of our clients. Major clients include:
City of Philadelphia
5th largest US City Perfect Glasses, USA, Huntington Beach, CA
Fast growing Internet Startup Reseller Global Informatics Technology, Costa Mesa, CA
Medical Records Internet Startup
Aggregate Industries, Rockville, MD
$2.2B Aggregates Company Panattoni Development
Sacramento, CA
$1.6B Real Estate Developer Jacobs Engineering,
Pasadena, CA
$11.3B Engineering Group

Corrisoft, LLC July 2011 – December 2012
Software/Product innovator for monitoring, tracking and advancing all aspects of the Corrections Industry.
Joined Corrisoft in its pre-release stage to finalize development of the Software and Hardware architectures and bring these products to market. Identified two new areas of technology that will propel Corrisoft into a leadership position in the GPS Monitoring and Tracking (M&T) industry. Successfully brought the Corrisoft products suite to market, and Corrisoft is growing rapidly.
• Architected Corrisoft products to be completely SaaS, Cloud and Web Services based.
• Filed two patents: The first is a Utility of Corrisoft AIR™ products and services, while the second is a Technology patent that overcomes current deficiencies in monitoring and tracking based on GPS and other Satellite Navigation System technology.
• Developed an electronic circuit board, based upon the technology patent that guarantees that anyone or anything being monitored is always visible. Currently, deficiencies in GPS technologies allow for “dead zones”, which are areas where visibility of an entity being tracked is lost; this patented device completely eliminates “dead zones” as a limitation. Furthermore, this product can be used in any application where M&T is required.
• Designed, prototyped and began manufacture of three M&T products all based on the electronic circuit board: an Ankle Bracelet, a Victim Notification device, and an electronic Tether that is no bigger than a standard watch. Together these products create an entirely new capability in the M&T marketplace that all companies will have to follow. The products will become widely available in the 1st Quarter of 2013.
• Finalized AIR™ software and hardware products and introduced the technology into the Corrections Marketplace.
• Implemented the AIR™ product on the Android platform for Participants (Parolees) and on the iPhone for Jurisdictional Representatives (Supervisors) essentially allowing Supervisors to monitor, track, update and communicate with Participants from their phones while at the same time allows Participants much greater flexibility in their lives while still being monitored.
• Developed and implemented disciplined protocols and operating procedures to ensure alignment of IT products, processes and procedures directly to business goals.
• Implemented highly scalable, cost effective and flexible call center and data center environments resulting in dramatically reduced costs and increased performance and reliability.
• Improved the way in which capital is utilized to more effectively match need with expenditure. The same is true for the expense environment.
• Developed strategic, global partnerships with key vendors, notably: IBM, Voice Biometrics Group.

Jacobs Engineering, Pasadena, CA December 2000 – September 2005
$11.3B international provider of professional engineering, construction and construction management services.
Played key role as Senior Management Team member reporting to the Executive Vice President of Finance and directing traditional IT services, including successful passing of General Computer Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley. Managed ~ 700 IT professionals in 30+ countries with hundreds of job-sites globally. Oversaw $115M expense budget and $35M capital per year. Executive member of Merger and Acquisition team.

Additionally lead several non-traditional IT services, including Operations Services (providing support to engineering and delivering revenue of $15M), Enterprise Services (developing, deploying and maintaining corporate and Engineering support applications with 110 developers across 6 countries) and Leveraged Procurement (providing infrastructure for leveraging commodity procurement across Jacobs globally).
• Transformed IT organization, introducing service delivery model aligning the delivery of IT services/applications with business goals.
• Brought organization to world-class performance levels in all categories with 93% on-time project delivery, 18% reduction of IT costs and 30% decrease in capital spending.
• Aligned business priorities with IT delivery within constraints of Jacob’s needs by establishing IT Governance Council to incorporate business requirements into IT strategic planning process. Delivered 6 key global systems in 3 years (Financials, Procurement, 2 Project Controls systems, Collaboration, and JNet) on time and within budget.
• Created offshore development center with over 45 developers in Mumbai, reducing total operating costs associated with development by 40% yet increasing development resources by 300%.
• Saved company 15%/year by negotiating global telecom agreement with British Telecom to establish single company as telecom provider for voice, data, networking, wireless, cellular and all remaining services.
• Developed world-class project collaboration environment (JPI) enabling project sharing across multiple continents, time zones, offices and engineering teams.
• Eliminated $0.38/billable hour on 40M hours, reducing operating costs by nearly $16M/year.
• Designed/implemented framework for integration of engineering system data from multiple sources (JIAF).
• Designed/implemented structure for General Computer Controls under Sarbanes-Oxley 404 successfully.
• Led development of $2.5M project for global bulk procurement package for Jacobs managing $80M spend.
Precision Response Corporation, Corporate Headquarters, Plantation, FL May 1999 – October 2000
Leader in call center and customer care providing services to clients, including American Express and AT&T.
As part of a management turnaround team, directed all aspects of IT with ~ 600 IT employees in organizations with complex telecommunications systems linking call centers and creating custom applications to provide services for clients. Successfully positioned company to be acquired by fully developing and enhancing infrastructure.
Aegis Communication Group, Los Angeles, CA and Irving, TX November 1996 – April 1999
Leader in call center and customer care industry
As part of a management turnaround team, directed all aspects of IT with ~ 450 IT employees in organizations with complex telecommunications systems linking call centers and creating custom applications to provide services for clients. Successfully positioned company to be acquired by fully developing and enhancing infrastructure.
Softbank Exposition and Conference Company, Foster City, CA July 1995 – October 1996
Leader in trade show planning, registration and production.
Gap, Inc., San Francisco, CA June 1991 – June 1995
Leader in self-branded specialty retailing.
Miller Consulting, Atlanta, GA November 1986 – May 1991
Boutique consulting firm specializing in network design and software rollout.
Peat, Marwick & Mitchell, Houston, TX September 1984 – September 1986
Big 8 Accounting Firm
Education: BA, Michigan State University, Natural Science
East Lansing, MI