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Hailey Suits

Freelance Artist & Proofreader

Location:Plainfield, Indiana, United States
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I graduated with Academic Honors from Decatur Central Highschool in 2012 and am currently attending The Art Institute of Indianapolis with a program major of Media Arts and Animation.
The following are key traits that would make me a viable hiring candidate:
• I Graduated from highschool with the equivalent of 21 college credits.

• I have been doing freelance artwork for roughly five years.

• I am very adaptable because I grew up in a moving military household.
This childhood also allowed me to mature at an advanced rate.

• I have a phenomenal memory and a vocabulary that reached college
level while I was still in grade school.

• I can quickly learn any program if given a bit of time to play with it.

• I excel in writing and proofreading, with a specialty in sentence fluency.
I took both AP Literature and Composition and AP Language and Composition
and obtained credible scores on both exams.

• I have eclectic interests, and therefore a broad knowledge on a vast array of subjects
• I am a hard worker. My college maintains a homework program that is entirely project
based. This means that I am pulling a minimum of four full-sized art projects a week on
top of any private jobs that I take on.

• I am very empathetic and patient.

• I am blunt and straightforward when addressing problems, needs, and ideas.

• As long as I can work around my class schedule, I am free at nearly any time.

• I have goals that motivate me. You will not have an employee that doesn't want to do their
work. The reward is much too valuable in that it will help me achieve my goals.

• I have not held a standard job. However, I have worked on my own standard as a freelancer, a babysitter, a lawn mower, a dog walker, an essay reviser, and as a built in extra mom for my family. I have also been a high achieving student, going above and beyond for my education.

I would love to work with and get to know you on a professional level.

You can view my full portfolio at the following web address:
It will be updated regularly with projects.
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