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Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Ghada Al- Robaye
No. 2, Davilak Crescent Manning,
6152 WA
Perth , Australia
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Creativity is about problem solving and simplifying tasks with proper research and development. Contribute actively in discussion and exchange of ideas, a team player. Friendly and gets along with different society levels respectively well. Willing to learn and always ready to take new challenges.

Jan 2011 – Mar 2013: Worked as a translator to the Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, translating from English to Arabic language and vice versa. I was in charge of translating official letters from English language to Arabic language, attending meetings and sessions for the translation purposes, Official interpreter.

July 2009 -Nov 2010 Part time lecturer at University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT) teaching Degree and Diploma students specialized for the following subjects:

- English for Interactive Skills; where I used to teach English as a second language for Malaysian students helping them to build confidence with speakers by using the body language, also I involved students in conversations and group discussions to further enhance their abilities to practice their English language and the way to respond to different situations.
- Proficiency Skills in English; where I used to focus on the four modules that include Reading Skills, Writing Skills , Listening and speaking Skills. Students were asked to pay more attention on the vocabulary, choice of words, sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation.
- English for Integrated Skills; in this course the focus was to teach graduate students and help them to understand and be exposed to the practical life after college. Students used to learn job application methods and procedures for example; writing a job application letter, writing a resume, be involved in mock interviews to help them gain confidence by focusing on the do’s and avoiding the don’ts.
- Public Speaking in English; Whereas this course was mainly designed for the intention of presentation, to gain confidence and overcome stage anxiety. The main idea of implementing this course was to help student to express their ideas freely in front of the audience by completing five kinds of speeches for instance The Impromptu speech, The Informative Speech, The Demonstrative Speech , The Persuasive Speech and The Debate.
2008- 2010 Working as a part –time instructor in the Korean Tuition Center, where I used to teach English Basic Grammar and Communication for the expatriate house wives.

209-2010 working as a part-time professional translator from English to Arabic in the (IHI) Halal Integrity Alliance/ Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

2004-2005 Working as an English teacher in the New School Education Institute .

1998-1999 Working as a passenger handling in The Royal Dutch Airlines Sanaa/ Yemen Airport Office. Where I

Language Spoken Written
English 9 9
Arabic 10 10
Computer Literacy 5 5

Micro soft office professional
Internet Skill professional

2008 Master of World Literature ( UPM ) University Putra Malaysia.
1995 Bachelor’s Degree in English Arts Al- Mustansiryah Universty Baghdad/ Iraq.
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Arabic Translation