Sara Howard

Freelance Artist & Drawer

Location:Farmington, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
To use my talent and experience in traditional art to storyboard for avenues including film,
television, and any career that requires storyboarding for its desired professional outcome.
Prestige Portraits, Farmington Hills, MI
Customer Service Representative
06/2012 - 03/13
I work as a Customer Service Representative, meaning I handle the duties of working with
people/customers each day. I am well versed in people skills and communication and in sales
as well. I can communicate a point clearly and quickly with as much information that the
customer requires. I am used to working in stressful situations and handle it well.
Self Employed Artist, Redford, MI
Traditional artist
01/2011 - Present
I have been a self employed traditional artist for about three years. I specialize in illustrating in
the realms of traditional media (pencil and paper). I have done some storyboarding work as well
as commissioned pieces from clients ranging from watercolor pieces, black and white pencil,
colored pencil, and ink. I can draw realism pieces just as well as I can illustrate.
Schoolcraft Community College Livonia, MI
Fine Arts/Illustration
2011 - Present
I currenty am enrolled in Schoolcraft Community College majoring in Fine Arts and Illustration. I
have completed one year and will be returning to complete my second year. I gained a 4.0 in my
drawing class in my first year.
My skills range from cartooning/illustrating to realism. Included here is a list of my skills:
? Proficient in color and black and white
? Proficent in traditional mediums
? Illustration
? Sketching
? Realism drawing
? Watercolor
? Oil painting
? Cartooning
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