Alisha Colbourne

Freelance Poem Writer & Journalistic Writer

Location:Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 Skills
My name is Alisha Colbourne and I love to write poetry. I write mostly about God and the world around me. I've learned a lot over my life and write about life's lessons. I've been through a lot and a lot of my poems can be dark but I also love to write about hope, joy and peace. I am a Christain and love to worship God through writing poems to honor Him. I'm a very colorful person and can be very friendly. I hope to turn some of my poems into songs. Most of my poems rhyme but not all do. I write from the heart and have become a natural at putting poems together. I love words and I use very descriptive language. I love learning to spell and also enjoy reading. I write mostly on paper but also post some poems online. I also create birthday cards and other holiday greetings. I would be great working with poetry.