Mike Antone

Freelance Audio Editor & Ad Designer

Location:Bothell, Washington, United States
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Phone: (425) 698-3570
12911 432nd Ave. S.E. -------------------------------
North Bend, WA 98045 satellitegypsy@gmail.com

Education: The Art Institute of Seattle: Graduated in Winter 2006
Graduate Student
Associate of Applied Arts in Audio Production
Experience: DigiDesign Pro Tools:
• Fast, high quality editing and recording with both Control 24, M box LE, TDM, Digi 001/002 and 192 I/O systems for effective music and post-production operations.
Post Production:
• Experience working on film as the sound director, boom operator, sound design, and soundtrack artist.
• Experience in spotting to picture and arrangement of emotional content with audio.
• Experienced in foley work, sound effect gathering, voice-overs & composing music.
• Strong understanding of matching on-screen emotion with musical events and effects.
Analog and Digital Consoles:
• Experience on DigiDesign Pro Control 24, Euphonix CS3000, SSL 4000 G+ consoles for effective operations.
• Strong understanding of signal flow of consoles and audio systems.
Music Production:
• Experience in microphone placement techniques for a varity of musical instruments such as acoustic drum kits, guitars, bass, and vocals for proper signal recording.
• Strong understanding of the use of signal processing such as EQ, delay or reverb in recording and mixdown modes for effective artist satisfaction.
• Knowledge of the construction of bass traps and isolation techniques.
• Friendly attitude towards the talent and cliental.
Digital Editing:
• Fast paced editing with audio for film, multi-track recordings, and voice-overs.
• Familiar with Pro Tools, Vegas, and Sound Forge.
Audio-Video Installations:
• Knowledge of speaker placements and mounting techniques.
• Experience with the soldering of (RCA, Stereo mini, DB9, XLR, 1/4”, ect…) audio and video cables.
• Understanding of cable pulls and wall plate placements.
• Experience in the installation of plasma televisions, projectors, motorized and manual projector screens.
• Skills in using power tools and basic construction.
Field Recordings:
• Experience in using field recording equipment, DAT and FR2.
• Understanding of ambient recording techniques and placements.
Internships: McConellKozell Entertainment
(206) 779-1685
• 120 hours of work
• Included use of school equipment: Super Shotgun Mic with Location Audio Mixer (Boom Operator)
• Sound Design: Creation of ambiences and mastering of sound for the movies and for location recording.
• Soundtrack: Created music for transitional scene changes and music tracks for selected scenes.
• Voice-overs: Recreation with actor and actress reenacting the scene that needed to be fixed
• Foley: Recorded sound-FX and Foley.
Clatter and Din – 7 month internship
(206) 628-0520
• Client service: Attend to the needs of employees, talent, and clients.
• Dub Room: Work on various tasks such as dubs, striping tape, and the company’s file management.
• Studio maintenance: During the day and at the end of the night: zeroing out the console and clean up of room.
• Training on Control 24: Voice over production in Studio Y.
Employment History:
The Brick Tavern Dec. 2006 to May 2007
Supervisor: Lucky Najar Full time
Responsibilities: Sound Man, Cook, Janitor
Mt. Si Golf Course Restaurant May 2007 to September 2007
Supervisor: John Jacobsen Part time
Responsibilities: Cooked during lunch and dinner hours.
Prepped kitchen and stock check.
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co. September 2007 to October 2008
Supervisor: Jaime Casidy Full Time
Responsibilities: Snoqualmie Valley Account Manager
Line Cook, Bottle Sanitizer, Bottle Loader, Server, Busser
Snoqualmie Valley Transportation October 2008 to Present
Supervisor: BJ Libby Full Time
Responsibilities: Dispatch Scheduler
Maintenance Manager
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Audio Editing
Ad Design