Jamie-lee Peers-Kelly

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Location:Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am on the verge of completing a law degree. I developed a keen interest in law in college and I have enjoyed learning about the different mechanisms working within the legal system and how to apply them to real life situations. I have particularly enjoyed studying commercial law as it is a challenge and has provided me with knowledge of how to successfully construct intricate pieces of text. I enjoy learning, I work well with others, and I have the motivation and confidence to use my own initiative. I am also not afraid to ask questions, which helps me to learn from my mistakes and improve the quality of my work. My degree has been highly language and literature focused, which I believe has provided me with great skills when paired with my passion for writing. Throughout higher education I have developed a portfolio of articles, short stories, reviews and essays which have not only helped me to improve as a writer, but I also hope will aid me in obtaining a job in this field.
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