Freelance Customer Response Freelancer & Arabic Translator

Location:Brighton, Colorado, United States
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Jaber Al-Ayid
7476 E. Arkansas Ave. Apt. #4003, Denver, CO 80231
   720-490-2395   j-badi@hotmail.com
Over ten years of experience in sales, management, and translation with two major companies and the U.S. Navy. Proven ability to provide communication and cultural advice in any circumstance. Hardworking and professional demeanor, willingness to accept new challenges, and dedication to improving skills.
Notable Accomplishments
·                    Cross-cultural experience in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.
·                    Provided translation and cultural coordination between foreign government agencies and international businesses. 
"Mr. Al-Ayid proved himself to be a total asset to the Coalition Forces in the execution of his duties and faithful service to the mission. In addition to mitigating hostile situations and advancing national interests as a linguist/translator, Mr. Al-Ayid has sacrificed a great deal in the service of his country."
- Bradley Newberry, Judge, U.S. Navy
Titan Company and L3 Company
National Linguist and Translator at Camp Echo    ·    Dewaniya, Iraq    ·    September 14, 2007 - October 10, 2008
English/Arabic translator for civil affairs office. Translating and assisting the MND-CS G9 Operations and Planning Sections.
·                    Translating sensitive documents
·                    Claims and mitigating hostile situations
·                    Coordinating high level meetings with senior government and military officials
·                    Advancing national interests
·                    Providing cultural advice to the U.S. Navy
Al Aqaad Corporation Luxury Carpentry
Manager    ·    Amaan, Jordan    ·    January 2005 - September 2005
Responsible for inventory, new employee orientation, and customer service.
Used Car Company
Salesman    ·    Basra and Nasseria, Iraq    ·    July 1994 - December 2004
Responsible for sales, evaluation, and purchase of used cars.
Khalid bin Saied
Jahra, Kuwait
High School Diploma       June, 1992
Languages college Kuwait , Kuwait
Two years Sep 1992/ June 1994
 GED Courses       Aurora, Colorado
·                    U.S. Navy:   Claims   
Training in analyzing information and identifying points of interest in Iraq for the U.S. Navy.
·                    Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Typing)
·                    Researching and Analyzing Data
·                    Language Fluency: Arabic, English, & Polish
·                    Organizational Skills
·                    Communication Skills
·                    Sales and Customer Service