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Deborah Blount

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Horror Artist, & More

Location:Okanogan, Washington, United States
Phone: 9493943143
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Probably about the only here without any awesome artistic academic backgrounds, but I consider life to be my education. I may not be as "polished" as many, but I have an extremely vivid, wild imagination and can create just about anything. Drawing is the natural way for me to express myself, and have been doing so for as long as I can remember; started drawing horses and other animals when I was very young, and then gradually became obsessed with fantasy art and the entire surreal movement.

When I "discovered" Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch and other like artists, I realized I identified with this dreamy sub-conscious art form of juxtaposed images and extreme symbolism. The more I drew, the more I found that I had a real knack for creating fantastic, bizarre images. Art has always been a catharsis; therapy for my mind and soul. I draw because I must. I dig deep inside my psyche and conjure up images that are at times dark and disturbing, yet with a strange beauty. My love (aside from drawing) is to share art with others and to evoke a reaction, good or bad. To have the viewer dig inside their soul and to feel an emotion.

I am also a creator of weird, creepy dolls, and am very proud to say that two are in upcoming Indie Horror films to be released in 2014.

I have had art shows in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. My work has been displayed at coffee shops and fine art galleries. I created a CD cover for a local Seattle band, art magazines such as Catapult Art, Innovated Magazine and a feature in Dark Arts 2011 by Sunbury Press. I also have work in a psychological horror anthology and a book cover plus inside illustrations for a short story by Vamptasy Publishing.

Currently I am a contributor to several blogs and am always working on new creations.