David John Ricci

Freelance Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Location:Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States
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I have a strong design background rooted in marketing and backed by many years of diverse experience. Being an adaptable self-starter, I welcome each exciting challenge.

Throughout the years, I have built several marketing departments from the ground up. Consulted on Social Media, Podcasts, YouTube Channels, online market places, etc. Created strategic campaigns that interact and draw the user to each discipline. Developed circular databases that track the progress of each piece of the puzzle. Designed easy to use and understand clue based UI platforms. Worked on the development of Films, Entertainment, Books and Music. Sourced content and interest through social media. Used Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hootsuite, Mashable, Google+, Podcasts, Pintrest, Foursquare, Blogs, Vlogs, Etc, to provide the end users and clients and sense of compatibility, kinship and trust. Developed an online presence as well as tracking and building a timeline for consumers to peruse. Thereby culminating a relationship that offers a reason to follow whether or not there is any personal or corporate benefit, simply the pleasure of being part of the experience.

I continually strive to build a better mouse trap by finding better, less expensive ways to attain the same or better results. Optimizing the effectiveness of media ads, Youtube entertainment and Podcasts to build toward Events, Trade Shows, Product Releases, new developments, launches, news events, etc. With a focus on streamlining the cost of campaigns and discerning the most effective methods.

Telecommuting is an option from Mac and PC platforms and I would be excited to learn and work in other environments as well.

My goal is to find a position within a creative modern culture, that strives to break new ground and values the well being of their employees.
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Video Editing
Graphic Design