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Location:Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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I create personalised hand drawn comics, 100% custom made just for you. Every comic strip I create is completely unique to you. The personalised comic strips are hand drawn, created from your story and your photos. You can tell any story through a comic strip, a perfect personal gift for every occasion.

Popular themes include how a couple met or got engaged; which makes for a perfect engagement or wedding gift. Why I love my Mum or Dad; perfect gifts for Mothers Day or Fathers Day and stories from childhood; perfect gifts for best friends birthdays.

My goal is to tell as many stories as I can through comics, making people smile and giving them wonderful memories to remember forever.

{The Process}

On placing your order you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. This email will request you to supply your story as thoroughly as you can and to also supply digital photos of all the characters, places, objects and pets that appear in the story.

I will look through what you have supplied, give some suggestions to the storyline if required, probably ask a few questions and request any more photos I think I may need. I ask that this stage of the process happens quickly.
**This stage should take no longer than 2 working days.

Once I have everything I need, I will draft out your comic strip quite roughly so you can see how the comic will be laid out and how the story will be illustrated. I will send this to you for feedback.
**The stage should take no longer than 3 working days.

Once I have your feedback I will complete the comic and send this to you for approval before printing, and apply any small changes you might have requested.
**The stage should take no longer than 7 working days.

Once the comic artwork has been approved I will send it to the printers to get printed on canvas.
**Shipping takes 10 – 15 business days.

In total the whole process from when you place your order to when you receive your printed comic on canvas is a 12 – 30 working days.

If you have left it to the last minute please get in touch as I have some other options for you.

Thank you so much for your support!
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