Gretchen Kunberger

Freelance Mural Painter & Painter

Location:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
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MLS 2010 Indiana University-Purdue University
Master in Liberal Arts Fort Wayne, Indiana
Concentration in Fine Art/Painting
-Studying under Dr. Audrey Ushenko

BFA 1999 Indiana University-Purdue University
Bachelor of Fine Art Fort Wayne, Indiana
-Studying under Dr. Audrey Ushenko

ACA 1986 Indiana University-Purdue University
Associates in Commercial Art Fort Wayne, Indiana
-Graphic Design


• 2010-Present
Associate Faculty
Brown Mackie College, Fort Wayne, IN

• 2000-Present
Associate Faculty
Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN

Courses Taught

• Craft and Design
Introduce students to the formal elements of two and three dimensional design and how these apply to contemporary crafts. Aesthetic judgment and personal creativity is emphasized. Fundamental drawing and painting skills are introduced. Intro to painting methods and media and the further application of basic principles of composition through varied pictorial problems from still life, landscape, memory and imagination. This course required for elementary education majors.
• Drawing Fundamental 1
Teaching the fundamentals of representational drawing through the drawing of simple objects, forms, volumes in line, tone, texture using simple tools and free-hand drawing skills with a variety of techniques and media; emphasis on sound understanding of design, values, proportion and perspective.
• Drawing Fundamentals /non-art majors
Introduce students to the basic elements of drawing, line, shape, value, and perspective before moving on to more complex use of color. Landscape and still life are the source of subject matter.
• Art History
Introduce students to a clear understanding of the concepts, styles, techniques and knowledge of artists working from prehistoric through the modern periods of art.
Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of design that can be used in a work of art. Students learn to discuss elements of design; balance, contrast, movement, rhythm, pattern and unity in their own analysis of art. Apply art history concepts, styles, and motifs to appropriate classroom exercises and projects. Analyze and discuss the major trends and themes across art history and be able to describe critical attributes of pieces of art that symbolize a particular period of time.

Instruction in:
• Content/narrative
• Foreshortening/proportion
• Designing and painting a color chart
• Working in nature in watercolor, acrylics, pencil, charcoal
• Rendering architecture in pencil, charcoal, watercolor
• Responding to art; criticism, identifying, describing
• Developing a thesis for your body of artwork
• Developing preparatory and thumbnail sketches
• Fostering enthusiasm and a desire to succeed
• Fostering inventiveness and creativity

Freelance Artist

Artistic Skills, Knowledge and Techniques
• Representational Painting in watercolor, oil and acrylic
• Painting on canvas, linen, wood panel, drywall, laminate
• Drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, seascapes, nature, figurative, architecture
• Volunteer drawing lessons for adolescent boys at Park Center Behavior, Fort Wayne
• Private lessons in drawing and painting for children and adults
• Online facilitator training/ January 2011


• 2009
o Rinard Texas Tree/ 4’ x 4’ enamel paint on glass/ Austin, Texas
o Canterbury Living Center/ 8’ x 8’ landscape/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Canterbury Living Center/ 8’ x 8’ apple tree/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Canterbury Living Center/ 4’ x 8’ waterfall/ Fort Wayne, IN
• 2007
o Aldersgate Church / 8’ circle, acrylic on laminate/ Fort Wayne, IN
• 2006
o Springer Farmscape/ 13” x 21” enamel paint on ceramic tile/ Fort Wayne, IN
• 2004
o Durum Seascape / 38’ x 8’ acrylic paint on stucco/ Jacksonville, Florida
o Stones Landscape / 12’ x 8’ acrylic on drywall/ Austin, Texas
• 2003
o Shambaugh Elementary, acrylic on cinderblock/ Fort Wayne, IN
Day at the Park / 38’ x 8’
Enchanted Forest / 12’ x 8’
Last Day of School / 4 ea 12’ x 4’ murals
Climbing the Net / 15’ x 8’
15 Gym Life-size Figures / 15’ x 6’
Memorial of 3 girls / 8’ x 8’


• 2010
o Rinard Tree / 24” x 36” / San Antonio, Texas
o Wendall Sunset / 12” x 24” / Fort Wayne, IN

• 2009
o Tribute to Robert Knight / 14” x 16” / Angola, IN
o Stamets Cemetery / 36” x 36” / Fort Wayne, IN
o Korean Rendition / 38” x 48” / Grabill, IN
o Tucker Landscape / 26” x 34”/ Bluffton, IN

• 2008
o Foster Park / 26” x 36”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Nesalarious Portrait/ 24” x 24”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Troyer Sailboat / 14” x 17”/ Venice, Florida
o Meekin Fountain / 24” x 24”/ Raleigh, North Carolina
o North Carolina Oak / 16” x 20” / Clayton, North Carolina
o Meekin Birch Tree / 14” x 18” / Raleigh, North Carolina
• 2007
o Perago House / 14” x 17”/ Milan, Italy
o Stouder Porch / 16” x 20”/ Columbia City, IN
o Templeton Woods / 14” x 18”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Butler Portrait / 12” x 16”/ St. Louis, Missouri
o Troyer Hibiscus / 16” x 20”/ Nokomis, Florida
o Vosmeier Garden / 24” x 36”/ Fort Wayne, IN

• 2006
o Stouder Porch / 16” x 20”
o Nokomis Sunset / 12” x 24”/ Nokomis, Florida
o Troyer Gulfscape / 12’ x 24”/ Nokomis, Florida
o Wilkenson Portrait / 16” x 20”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Rinard Bluebonnets / 36” x 36” San Antonio, Texas
o Kibiger Riverscape / 9” x 12”Fort Wayne, IN

• 2005
o Huntington Woods / 16” x 20”/ Huntington, IN
o McCullough Historical House / 22” x 28”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Nelson Portrait / 14” x 18”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Hadaway Blackeyed Susans / 24” x 36”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Passoni Still-life / 16” x 20”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Murphy Portrait / 14” x 17” / Cape Canaveral, Florida

• 2004
o Templeton Deer Path / 14” x 18”/Fort Wayne, IN
o Templeton Fallen Tree / 14” x 18”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Springer Autumn Tree / 24”x 30”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Ushenko Pineapples / 16” x 20”/ Chicago, Illinois

• 2003
o Knight Sunset 12” x 24”/ Angola, IN
o North Jetty /14” x 18”/ Venice, Florida
o Troyer Sailboat / 18” x 24”/ Nokomis, Florida
o Grimmer Riverscape / 18” x 24”/ Ossian, IN

• 2002
o Knight Roses / 18” x 24”/ Angola, IN
o McAfee Tree / 12” x 14”/ Ossian, IN
o Peterson Garden / 14” x 18”/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Jack Kunberger Lakescape / 14”x 18”/ Albion, Indiana
o Murphy landscape / 24” x 24”/ Cape Canaveral, Florida
o Stones Landscape / 18” x 24” Austin, Texas


• 2010
o Cassleman House Portrait Series / 4 ea 18” x 24”/ pencil on bristol / Fort Wayne, IN
o Faust Church and Cemetery / 16” x 24”/ pencil on bristol / Fort Wayne, IN
o Fort Wayne Metals Research Series / 2 ea 18” x 24”/ pencil on bristol/ Fort Wayne, IN

• 2009
o Fort Wayne Metals Research Series / 7ea 20” x 22”/ pencil on paper / Fort Wayne, IN
o Gary Knight House Portrait / 11” x 14” /pencil on paper / Angola, Indiana

• 2008
o Stamets Richardville Homestead / 18” x 24” charcoal on charcoal paper / Fort Wayne, IN
o Knitters Scruffy Portrait / 18” x 24”/ pencil on bristol / Grabill, IN
o Reddin Baby Portrait / 2 ea 14” x 17”/ pencil on paper / Kendalville, IN
o Paxton House Portrait / 14” x 17”/ pencil on bristol / Fort Wayne, IN

• 2007
• Bruckner Jesus in Temple / 16” x 20”/ mixed media; watercolor and ink / Fort Wayne, IN
o Warrick House Portrait / 11” x 14”/ pencil on bristol / New Bruenfels, Texas
o Clemm House Portrait / 14” x 17”/ pencil on bristol / Clearwater, Florida
o Stones Baby Portrait / 14” x 18” / pencil on paper/ Austin, Texas

• 2006
o James Kunberger **** Figure / 18” x 24” charcoal on paper/ Jacksonville, Florida
o Haft Landscape / 16” x 20”/ pastel on paper/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Troyer Tree / 14” x 17”/ pastel on paper/ Sarasota, Florida
o Motz McCullough House/ 16” x 20”/ pencil on paper/ Fort Wayne, IN
o Stones Building Portrait / 4ea 14” x 17”/ pencil on paper/ Austin, Texas

• 2005 through 1999
o 800 ea 14” x 17” architectural renderings of courthouses, universities and
churches around the US / pencil on bristol
o Pickett House Portrait / 14” x 17” pencil on paper/ Nashville, Tennessee

• 2004
o Albert Christ Portrait / 11”x 14”/ pencil on paper/ Indianapolis, Indiana
o Tucker Christ Portrait / 18” x 24”/ pencil on paper/ Fort Wayne, IN

• 2003
o Stouder Portrait / 16” x 20” / mixed media; watercolor and color pencils
o Petty House Portrait / 18” x 24”/ pencil on bristol/ Denver, Colorado
o Petty Gords / 18” x 24”/ charcoal on paper/ Denver, Colorado

• 2009
o Indiana University Remnant Trust Show
• 2010
o Aboite Restaurant / Fort Wayne, Indiana
o Artlink Regional Faculty Group Show, Fort Wayne, Indiana

• 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002
• Faculty Show, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
• 2003
o Artlink Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana


• Ms. Chris Petty/ Denver, Colorado
• Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tucker/ Fort Wayne, Indiana
• Dr. Audrey Ushenko/Chicago, Illinois
• Mr. Jeff Rinard / Austin, Texas
• Mr. Roberson Troyer/ Sarasota, Florida
• Mr. and Mrs. James Kunberger/ Jacksonville, Florida
• Ms. Kay Stouder/ Fort Wayne, IN
• Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson/ Fort Wayne, IN
• Mr. and Mrs. Gary Knight/ Angola, IN
• Ms. Rebecca Stones/ Austin, Texas
• Mr. And Mrs. Ronald Meekin/ North Carolina
• Fort Wayne Metals Research/ Fort Wayne, Indiana
• Ms. Diana Murphy/ Cape Canaveral, Florida

• Member of Fort Wayne Museum of Fine Art/ Fort Wayne, Indiana
• Member of Artlink Gallery/ Fort Wayne, Indiana
• Article in Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, April 17, 2006
• Article in The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana/ August 19, 2005
• Judge for the Fort Wayne Artist Guild (Aldersgate) Show, 2004 thru 2009
• Joseph Albers Color Theory Workshop, IPFW, Fort Wayne, IN 2008


The idea of art is a primal way for me to express my emotional existence. I hope that my viewers can experience emotions when they view my work. The metaphysical realm offers the preliminary idea through which my brainstorming process begins. A simple idea can start my creative thinking but even before that something in my brain triggers a memory or a concept. My ideas come from many things and one thought can give birth to many sub-thoughts. These ideas form into mental images which can and will be a start for a painting or a drawing. Some believe that for art to be legitimate it requires honesty. My truth is portrayed as an idea of an image. As I begin the mental process many of the elements of art are considered and put into motion. I ask the viewer to rejoice with me in my story with all its complexities of life.


I believe in the power of an enthusiastic teacher. One learns in order to teach and then teaches to learn. My method of teaching begins with building the creative confidence level of my students first and foremost. My ultimate goal is to create a learning environment that is interesting and stimulating. If the process is successful, each student will be able to explore their own distinctive creativeness. They will become comfortable with the process of creative thinking thus using this thinking in all endeavors in life. When the confidence level returns then I assist them in acquiring the artistic skills that are necessary to become an image maker.
I believe in the emphasis on art as an essential element for learning. I think that an education in the arts stimulates and develops self-esteem and encourages openness towards the criticism and opinions of others. A student that is aware of the full range of possibilities in art and has fun exploring it, will learn and grow in intellectually powerful ways. I strive to teach students to be engaged in the exploration of drawing what they observe, introducing them to solutions and options in the fundamental skills of drawing and painting. I hope to empower my students with the discipline necessary for a clear understanding in the practice of the arts. Through specific assignments and projects I hope to sharpen creative skills and encourage practice and patience. It is important to me that my students approach the activities of my courses with a focused and open mind. Each assignment is geared for the next assignment so improvement is a certainty.
I foster critical thinking and encourage my students to use their own personal story and experience to draw from and develop a theme in their work. The artwork that I make is about my own life experience and personal story. I encourage and urge my students to consider new ways of making art and to explore the many possibilities of expressing themselves. I guide them to take what they think they know about a subject, person or theme, turn it around, manipulate, change perspective and embrace the end product that comes out of it.
I compliment my teaching with examples of my most recent work and research. I expose students to art museums and other relevant collections in the surrounding community. I strive to encourage students to produce complex works of art and to give them exposure to the practical and technical problems that artists are faced with. Teaching and learning art should be fun and I strive to provide a relaxed but challenging atmosphere that is conducive for creative learning. I urge students to step out of their safe boundaries and experiment with the possibilities that art can offer. I in return, am fulfilled and excited with the opportunity of teaching my passion and livelihood. Teaching fundamental drawing and painting gives me great personal satisfaction. The rewards of teaching are vast and the experience and genuine interaction that I have with my students is priceless.
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Mural Painting